BethanyProfilePicHi! I’m Colleen and I honestly have no idea what will come of this little space of the Internet that I have been presssured into creating. Heck, I’ll be lucky if anyone aside from my mother reads my posts. I do plan to use Colleen’s Creations to post about my life, cooking creations, and cardio creations. I’m not a writer, photographer, or tech-savvy woman, nor do i have a strong desire to attain those titles. I am really good at four things…1)designing awesome workouts job and getting fast results (part-time job #1: group exercise instructor and personal trainer), 2) composing realistic nutrition plans that positively change bodies and lifestyles (see job #1), 3) teaching Human Anatomy and Nutrition to high schoolers (part-time job #2), 4) experimenting in my kitchen and creating some awesome guilt-free desserts and meals (wishful part-time job #3). I do consider this to be a tiny business since I probably have 5-10 orders a week!
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and taking a glimpse into my little world. ~Colleen


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