Today has been a horrible weather day. It actually snowed while I was teaching group ex classes this morning. Snow in March in the deep south!?! This should not be allowed. We’ve had a horrible winter (cold and rainy) and I am beyond ready for spring to arrive. Honestly, I think the bad weather has been a blessing in disguise for me. I’m suffering from another really severe muscle tear/strain and have not been able to walk much less run for three weeks. It’s been torturous for me and Cody (my sweet, four-legged running buddy). I’ve actually been pain-free for two days and I know myself well enough to know that I would have been out running today had it not been snowing. I know that I need to let it fully heal and take a few more days, but I’m so dang stubborn and have the mentality that I am super woman. 😉

The poor baby lounged and pouted on the couch all day since I didn't take him for a run.

The poor baby lounged and pouted on the couch all day since I didn’t take him for a run.

I seem to suffer a major muscle tear once a year and it’s always when I am doing something non-athletic. I can do 100+ burpees and crazy hill sprints with no issues, but sliding a suitcase across a floor with my foot caused me to tear a major muscle?!  If that’s not a sign of overuse and body abuse then I don’t know what is!?  I know that I use and abuse my body and I do listen to it when it screams for rest, but guess what? Yep. I defintely don’t give it the rest it desires. I have several “reasons”, but they are just excuses. The only valid point I have for not taking a rest day (ever) is that teaching group-ex classes is my job. Of course a voice of reason tells me that I could “call” the classes, but that is NOT my personality or teaching style. Anyway, I’ll take the nasty weather as a blessing and take a more days off from running to make sure I am fully healed.

I will admit to being really, really lucky to have not had major injuries considering how active I am. I credit that fact to these reasons:

1) Diet! I am ridicuously picky about what I eat (allergies are partly to blame). I try to eat as many anti-inflammatory foods, bone strengthening, and muscle repairing foods as possible.

2) Cross-train! I perform a variety of workouts throughout the week and never repeat the same workout within a 48-hour period.

3) Lift weights! Muscles provide movements and stability for joints. Athletes need strong muscles to maintain joint health. I credit my strong legs for preventing joint overuse injuries.

4) Glucosomine! This is the one supplement I take–if you want to call a vitamin a supplement. If I miss my dose I can tell within 48-hours. This is a miracle vitamin.

5) Stretch and foam roll! I do this nightly after my evening aerobic classes.

6) Take a rest when you’re body demands it—-yeah, do as I say, not as I do in this case.

Invisible friends, what have you found to be key in preventing exercise-induced injuries?


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