God’s perfect timing


Hi! I hope everyone had a happy weekend. I am so happy about the time change and the fact that the winter season is concluding. I have diagnosed myself with SAD. I get the same symptoms every third nine weeks (teacher life talk) and swear it must be SAD. Anyway, the longer days and warmer temps should get me out of my winter funk soon. I spent the weekend doing my normal stuff….teach, train, teach, run little dog, grocery shop, train, create and deliver some Colleen’s Creations, teach, train, run errands, teach, train, meal prep for the week, and run little dog some more.  Real exciting, huh? One of the Creations I delivered this weekend was another beautiful rose cake. I’m finally getting faster and more comfortable in creating it. This cake was sugar-free strawberry with sugar-free buttercream icing. 138

I also made two of my signature s/f chocolate chip cakes and two s/f chocolate chip peanut butter pies. Baking is so therapeutic for me and 100% of the profits are going towards a great cause! Yes, I’m being vague about the cause, but it will be announced in the “Big News” page soon!!!

Ok, this may continue to be vague, but it will all make sense as soon as I make the “Big News” announcement. Philip and I received some pretty depressing news in regards to our news a couple of weeks ago. I’m usually a happy, positive person (credit the constant release of exercise endorphins), but the news definitely did a number on my mood (that and the awful winter months….see above). Anyway, regardless of the situation, I am a full believer in God’s perfect timing and His perfect plan for your life. I fully believe that He opens and closes windows and doors for a reason and puts all his followers through tests. But, let me tell you….Philip and I have been through some crazy tests. I know that we passed them all with flying colors and will continue to do so. I also know that God puts people and situations in your life at the perfect time. This weekend I had a conversation with someone I just recently met that had to have been prompted by God. The timing of the situation and conversation were too perfect and it was definitely controlled by God. I am a fairly reserved person and I don’t share my personal situations with many of my friends, much less with people I’ve just met. Anyway, for some reason I shared my news with this person and I am so grateful that I did. The conversation left me with a renewed sense of hope, but also in need of $200. I had no idea where that money was going to come from–until a few hours later. God gave us an easy $300 (a three-month old Craigslist item randomly sold. CRAZY!) and I know that He wants us to use that money to act upon the information I was provided this weekend by an almost-stranger who is quickly becoming a good friend.

Pinned Image

When was the last time God demonstrated His perfect timing in your life?

I have so many more of these examples I will share once I announce our news!:)


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