Blind Faith


Okay, okay……I will admit that I know when God is speaking to me to act on something, but I don’t always act on it right then. Is it b/c I think that my timing is better? NO! I really and truly don’t belive that is it at all. I am such a perfectionist that before I make any type of announcement and major life change I want every “t crossed and i dotted”. Basically, I want the next life step squared away and ready to be walked on–for lack of a better analogy. Anyway, I have had so many moments in life when God is literally shaking me by my shoulders to make me move to the next chapter of my life. Of course, all of those moments turned into huge blessings and I am beyond thankful for all of them (primarily job changes), but I am currently going through a situation in which the next step is not in place. I can “see” where it will be placed, but it’s physically not present in my life. This is called blind faith and it is something that my type-A personality deems more scary than exciting. Well, this preface obviously has to do with “my big news” I keep referencing in my posts. Yep, it’s the info that will take up 1/3 of the blog and change my life. Heck, it’s the reason I started this blog. Anyway, I will be announcing it soon. I do want to reference back to my previous post’s discussion on God’s perfect timing. I had another incident today; it showed me that He’s always perfect and that he’s starting to shake me by the shoulders once again. I told someone else my news today. I rarely see her and didn’t expect to see her today, much less share the information with her. She was beyond thrilled and actually had something of good value in her car that would help me with this endeavor. Come on!! What are the chances of that?!? Better yet, she gave it to me for free! Seriously…it’s all too crazy perfect of timing! What if I had not been called to sub at that gym this morning? What is she had not been present for the class? What if I had not told her my news? What if she had not put that item in her car this morning? CRAZY!

In other news, today has been a normal Spring Break day for me. Meaning I have taught early-am, mid-am, and afternoon classes. I ran a ton of errands in between classes and took sweet Cody to the vet for his annual shots. He got a perfect report thanks to all the running we do!!  Here he is traveling to the office.


I have two orders of sourdough roll and sourdough cinnamon roll orders to deliever in about 10 minutes. Check out this beauty….


I might as well show the dessert I made for another friend’s family tonight. Yes, they only get half…my husband gave them no choice. 😉 I am in the midst of perfecting my sugar free red velvet cake and they are my guinea pigs!


Has there ever been a time when you feel as though God is shaking you by the shoulders trying to get you to make the move He’s been directing for your life?


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  1. Hi 🙂 Found your blog from SkinnyRunner’s.

    I remember once I felt God was shaking me by the shoulders. I was dating someone and felt over and over I was supposed to end the relationship. So, I did, and met my husband a couple months later 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. What wonderful news!!! :)) We are all so excited… You will be the greatest parents.. And God has to shake us all sometimes!! We love you so much,,Mom & Dad

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