A win-win fundraiser!


People!! THANK YOU  for the love, support, and prayers you have sent towards us within the past two days. I cannot begin to describe the amazing stories and blessings that have been bestowed upon us since sharing our big news. The generosity shown towards our “Will you be a “piece” of our  puzzle?” fundraiser is incredible and we appreciate all of you that have contributed. I am adding a PayPal widgit to the blog that will aid in easier and safer monetary donations. I will be uploaded pictures of the puzzle as we begin to piece it together. Ummm….1,008 pieces…..does anyone want to attend our puzzle construction party?!  😉

I applied for another fundraiser prior to creating this blog and received word that we were approved for it today! It’s a win-win fundraiser for all because you kind readers get something in return!  CoupAide is a fundraising platform that raises money for adoptive parents by providing you (our donors) with a useful and valuable incentive in return for your contribution. Each time a supporter donates $20, they instantly receive a $50 Restaurant.com e-gift certificate good to over 18,000 restaurants nationwide while we collect $10 for each e-gift certificate sold! Seriously, it’s that easy!!

You can view our fundraising page here and view participating restaurants in your city here. Yes, some of these restaurants are probably not in your normal rotation and you may not have a lot of selections in your city, BUT you could always send these as a gift to a friend/family member in another city or state with a larger selection or be very non-Colleen like and try something new! 😉  Again, I would appreciate you sharing this information with anyone/everyone and supporting Baby B!

In other news, Mississippi weather is completely bi-polar. We had a nice, warm (70 degrees!) day until 3:00pm. A large thunderstorm quickly approached and dumped quarter to golf ball size hail over parts of the metro for a solid 15 minutes and then the temp dropped drastically. This hail did a lot of damage to people’s homes and vehicles. This is a picture of the big, bad Warrior dog looking at the hail.


Spring weather!!! Where are you??!?!


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  1. You guys are so cute! We’re in Alabama, so we got the crazy weather yesterday too. My husband was adopted and we know what a great thing it can be. I will be praying for you guys and can’t wait to read more of your story!

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