WIAW and WOW #1

WIAW and WOW #1

People!!! Thank you so, so, so much for all of the “Baby B” support! We truly appreciate everyone who has purchased a piece of our puzzle. I will post some pics of the puzzle as we begin to piece it together. Again, you are all invited to the puzzle party! 😉

I have been following several “healthy living blogs” for two years and am glad to have finally joined the party. Several of my followers (hey!) are not going to be interested in this post, but Wednesday in the healthy living blog world is known as What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). This is hosted by Jen at Peas and Crayons.


Ok, so I am breaking the “rules” by not posting my b’fast or lunch (I eat the exact same b’fast and lunch every. single day. and it’s extremely boring to the general public), but my dinner was delish! We had shrimp tacos! Of course I had a huge salad to go with it–keeping it green (hence Jenn’s theme). I am slightly sad that we were the only people in the city not at the beach during Spring Break, so I’ve been eating shrimp in memory of the beach. Yes, it makes no sense–just go with it.  Anyway, I “made” the taco shells in the oven by spraying corn tortillas with cooking spray and baking them at 400 for 8 mintues…watch them the last few minutes as they burn easily.



Work Out Wendesday (WOW) is my own creation that will probably go no where anytime soon, but whatever. My job entails creating killer workouts and turtoring training my gym friends and clients with them. So, here is today’s WOW!

Class #1: BodyPump (my gym is between releases, so I’ve been doing a mix of BP #42, 43, 60, 69). Yes, I’ve been teaching BodyPump for a longgggg time. It’s a classic and effective.

Class #2 and #3: Spin! I teach it at 5am and again at 5pm. I use the same playlist since I usually do not have the same people in both classes. Here’s today’s playlist:


Class #4: Bootcamp! This is my favorite class to teach. It’s a guaranteed killer workout and it allows me to be creative. I’ve been on an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) kick for the past two weeks. Here’s today’s AMRAP.


Uh, yeh, the phone pics are wonderful….I’ll be redoing the workout images tomorrow. I keep an ongoing list of workouts in my phone and do a lot of copy/pasting/creating during spare moments when waiting in check-out lines, etc. Yes, I’m always thinking about BootCamp moves. My “people” know this, but it’s Philip that really knows this. He’s witnessed me start doing crazy push-ups in the kitchen when cooking dinner simply for me to “see if it’s possible”. Ummm, how about the nights that I dream up moves and roll out of bed to try it and quickly add it to my phone’s list. It’s a serious problem, people! 😉  Anyway, if anyone has any questions about the AMRAP just ask! Most of those moves are in “my” language!

Ok, lets conclude this in typical blogger manner…questions!

1) What is the best thing you ate today–or even this week?

2) Do you have any daily repeat meals? (same b’fast everyday, etc)

3) What did you do for your WOW!?


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  1. Thanks for joining the party! 🙂 Feel free to post a roundup of several dinners/snacks from throughout the week if you prefer not to post lunch it breakfast! Just another option so you can participate! xo

      • haha we’re all still newbies! Blogging is one of those constant adventures! So excited to hear more about your adoption journey along the way! ❤ xoxo

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