Fence and Fashion Fail

Fence and Fashion Fail

That picture is worth 1,000 words! Follow me on Instagram and you can read the caption challenge I proposed to my friends. Cake pops are up for grabs! 😉 Oh the wonderful, spiky fence has finally been installed. Warrior is now contained and he is NOT happy. I know that he is plotting his escape plan because he has tried a few methods today….. Attempt #1: Charge the fence at full speed in attempt to knock it over. Fail. Attempt #2: Stick snout through the bars and continue ramming the forehead against the bars in attempt to widen the gap. Fail. Attempt #3: Stand in the corner of the yard and whine and bark in hopes that a neighbor will free you and/or remove the iron object. Fail. Attempt #4: Stand up on back legs with front legs on spikes and hop in place…..Fail…at the moment….

Visual of attempt #3

Visual of attempt #3

Thanks to bipolar Mother Nature I have yet to enjoy being able to play with the dogs in the backyard. I am usually screaming/chasing after Wowo as he runs off to terrorize the neighborhood. This weather is miserable (cold, damp, and windy) and it’s hard to get into the “spring spirit”. I typically always get the shopping bug this time of year, but how can anyone think about sandals and shorts right now!? I suppose it’s a good thing I could care less about spring clothes at the moment (yes, partly for my wallet) because the selection available in stores is awfullllll. No, I am not a fashionista, but I do think I have a good sense of style and look cute everyday ;-). Yes, gym friends, I have “real” clothes! HA!  Some people may disagree with me, but the Spring 2013 collection is a huge fashion fail. REALLY??!?! What is wrong with the people who think this is okay?!!? What do you think??

Now, if I don’t find clothes that I like I can usually find shoes, purses, jewelry, etc…..I’m thinking FAIL. I will say the bright, sea-foam green heels do catch my eye, though….. I love BIG purses, but I just can’t handle that geometric print. What do you think about the return of the chunky heel??

Speaking of big purses…people who know me well know that I LOVE big purses. Go big or go home. This pic just cracked me up…it’s extreme even for me. 😉

Well, since I won’t be spending any moo-lah in boutiques, maybe I’ll pay Sephora a visit….I am liking the circa 1986 Barbie Doll look…… ummmm…NO.

Stayed tuned for posts later in the week! I have a ton of Creations in the works (thanks for all the orders!) and a FAQ post regarding the adoption! 🙂


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