Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? Ummm, what about it being just a few days away from Easter? Crazy!! As always, Wednesday is What I Ate Wednesday in the blog world thanks to Jenn.


While I won’t discuss b’fast and lunch (they never ever ever change) I will share with you our Sunday night dinner. It’s no secret that I love to bake (I am good at it and find it relaxing); however, cooking is a different ball game. I have a “meat and potatoes” husband that 1) requires a lot of food 2) will not eat leftovers 3) will not eat the same meal multiple times in a month. Luckily, he will eat anything, never complain (except about the above points), and he does all the kitchen clean-up! I spend a chunk of time every Sunday evening doing meal prep for the entire week. I write cooking/baking instructions on dishes and he does gets the meal cooked/baked and does all the clean up every night. It’s a great system for us. Well, a miracle occurred after I made this meal Sunday night! Philip requested it again—this week! That’s big, people! Let me know if you try it!


Yeh….I still do everything on my iPad/iPhone….when an idea strikes me I type into my notes!

Onto WOW #2!

Rather than list all the classes I teach(boring) let me give you a deadly treadmill circuit that I have done a few times. It’s a good sweat and Jill created it. For some reason I can kill myself on the t-milly at 4:30am, but I could not do this at 4:30pm. Weird!  I’m just not a late day exerciser. Yeh, the makes no sense since I teach classes in the afternoon/evening. Trust me…there is a HUGE difference in my teaching style Between that 12-hour window.  Anyway, watching Dancing With the Stars got me through this workout on Tuesday morning prior to teaching Bootcamp!



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