Easter Creations!

Easter Creations!

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The above gallery shows a few of the Easter Creations I’ve made during past few days. Thanks for all the Creation requests and contributing to our Baby “B” fund!  BTW…my gym friends have decided that “B” will be named Burpee. NO! Yes, that may be my favorite bootcamp move and, yes, I may be crazy, but Philp isn’t! 😉

Onto the Bunny Cake….I’m sure that there are plenty of variations of this cake online, but here’s the Colleen’s Creations rendition…

Ingredients: Enough cake mix for 2 8-inch round pans (I make my own mix so I’m not sure if a boxed mix would suffice), 3 cups of frosting(stiff-consistency), 3 jelly beans (I did 2 green, 1 pink), 2 pink pipe cleaners (1 cut into 1/6ths and 1 whole), and 1 square of pink felt.

1. Prepare cake in the two round pans, allow to cool, and invert onto two greased plates.

2. Cut one of the 8-inch cakes in half.

3. Put 1/4 inch of frosting on the entire bottom of one of the cake halves and dab icing on the now cut, middle portion of each half (to glue the cake onto your display plate/board).

4. Join the two bottom sides of the cakes halves together and place cut-side down on your display plate/board. Good job…you just made the bunny’s body.

017     —->  016

5. Cut the other 8-inch cake into fourths.

6. Put 1/4 inch of frosting on the entire bottom of one of the cake fourths and dab icing on the horizontal cut of the piece you just frosted and it’s match (to act as glue).

7. Place this in front of the body with the vertical cut side facing the body. Woohoo…you made the bunny’s head!

021 —-> 020

8. Take the remaining fourths and put 1/4 inch of frosting on both bottom sides and both horizontal cuts.

9. “Glue” each piece towards the back of the bunny’s body with the vertical cut side facing the head. The bunny now has leg/hips!!! The bigger the better….that is the only time on this blog I’ll ever say/write that. Mark it in the record books, people.

019  —-> 023

10. Crumb coat (minimally frost to eliminate cake crumbs mixing in the main coat of frosting) the bunny and place it in the fridge to harden. I let mine harden for an hour…do what works for you. Heck, you may not want to crumb coat, but I am a believer in that method.


11. Ice, Ice baby!  It takes a lot of frosting to cover the bunny (3-cups for the amount of mix I  used). Once it was iced I ran a spoon under hot water to add a swirl pattern to the icing (you only get 2-inches of swirl per “hot water spoon” so I suggest you do this at your sink with the water running. Again, this is my method…do what works for you.

12. Use the jelly beans (eyes and nose) and six pipe cleaner strips (whiskers) to make the bunny’s face and the felt and additional pipe cleaner to make the bunny’s ears. Yes….all of this could probably be created with fondant. Go for it…show off 😉 ! (To make the ears diagonally fold the square of felt, roll it length-wise, fold it in half with the two free ends facing up, tie the felt around the bottom of the felt with the pipe cleaner, fluff/spread the two free ends to make the “ears”, and place/push it into the “neck” of the bunny. The frosting help will secure it).

13. Hide your messy icing job Decorate the sides of the bunny with the Easter grass. (I thought about using coconut dyed green for this decor effect, but a) I don’t have any coconut and b) most people hate coconut. Yeh… people probably hate picking plastic grass out of their icing as well…that’s a lose-lose situation, guys.)


**Look for more animal cakes in the future….I’ve been receiving  many requests!

Happy bunny-eating Easter, everyone! John 3:16


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