The crib story

The crib story

One of the most common questions I am asked regarding the adoption is if we have started gathering items for Baby B. I swore to Philip from the beginning that I wasn’t going to have anything baby related in the house until there was a baby in the house. Heck, if we had started gathering materials from the start of this process (when he wanted to) we would have some very out-of-date stuff. Needless to say, I have now eaten my words.

I am a fan of Craigslist and regularly sell items on it. For some reason I started checking the baby/child portion of the site to view the prices of non-gender specific, large items. I found the crib on the Birmingham CL site and knew that I had to have it. The price was insanely good, its condition was perfect, and it had the exact “look” I wanted for the nursery (white, sleigh). I broke a promise I had kept (to myself) for seven years and contacted the seller. This happened on the morning of Christmas Eve….the day we were leaving to spend Christmas in Birmingham with my family. The owner agreed to hold the crib for us and we drove Philip’s massive truck to Birmingham. At this time only four people knew about the adoption (yes, it had been going on for a long time and no, none of them were family members…remember…I am private to a fault. Oh, and those people knew because they were our employer/friend references) and my family was very skeptical as to why we were in the gas guzzler. Anyway, Christmas came and went and we had to return back to Jackson on the 26th for me to work. We picked up the crib on the way out of Birmingham, secured it in the back of the truck, and continued on the way.

The crib made it all the way to Jackson unscathed. We unloaded it in the driveway and got inside the house through the double front doors. Ohhhhh now the fun begins. The crib is able to convert into a toddler bed and then into a double bed, so the entire thing comes apart. I assumed that the handy man of the house was going to take it apart in the foyer, we would carry the pieces up the stairs, and he would put it back together in chosen bedroom. Yeh, I was wrong. Sooo after a fight and him calling me wimpy and weak (I’m not kidding…he knows what buttons to push) I let him win and we began carrying the huge crib up our very steep stairs. Oh, y’all, if this was on video it would be worth some money. We had to carry it over our heads because it was too wide to fit between the wall and rail. Ok, one step at a time, whatever, we were making progress…until…  We got to the last 1/4 of the stairs and the crib was completely stuck between the rail and the wall sconce.


STUCK. I was at the top/head of the crib and Philip was at the base. He kept shoving the crib up and I was screaming at him to stop. The wall and the crib were getting scratched, etc, etc. We started having a screaming match before he finally realized the dang crib could not travel any further up the stairs. Soooo….do we start retracting our steps and return to the foyer? NO. His dang stubborn side is still in full force and he makes me give him the entire weight of the crib and move to the second story platform. It is at this time that he hands me the ENTIRE crib to hoist over the platform’s rail. It was dangling 20+ feet over the foyer and was reliant on my strength!!

011Heck, the bed traveled four hours in the back of the truck and made it almost to the top of the stairs. I swear that if it had fallen and splintered into 1,000,000 pieces in the foyer I would have…I really don’t know. I do know that I was making lots of obscene swears to him during this time. Obviously, the crib made it through the transit and was safely deposited onto the second floor landing. Then the easy job of carrying it into the bedroom began. Oh wait, no it didn’t. Wanna know why?!?!?! It wouldn’t fit through the hallway or the door frame. No way…was not going to happen.

012Philip slumped over the crib in defeat and asked me to go get all his tools. I told him to have fun and I went and taught my gym classes. Yep, I might have lost the initial battle, but I won the war. That crib was going to have to be taken apart. When will he learn that I am always right!? 😉


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