WIAW & WOW #3!

WIAW & WOW #3!

Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about ya’ll, but this week is dragginggggg. Why do four-day work weeks always feel like this? I was so busy with all my creations that I didn’t have time to do my weekly meal prep that I typically do on the weekends. That’s okay because Type A personality here always has a back-up plans. Jenn at Peas and Crayons always hosts WIAW and I enjoy linking up this little blog with the larger blogs I regularly read.


Yes, I am a health freak and I cook/bake everything from scratch. I’ll spare you the lecture about processed foods and save that for my students–they are forced to sit and listen to me. 😉 When I have time (ha! no really, during Christmas and Spring breaks) I make large amounts of casseroles and sauces and freeze them for future use. We have been eating this marinara sauce on a variety of dishes this week (classic spaghetti, chicken cacciatore, stuffed peppers, and skillet ziti).


Ok, so I thought this picture would be a lot more interesting than a pic of a typical bowl of spaghetti with an enormous salad next to it…. People often say to me “Baby B will rock your world”. Well, duh!  However, a situation like this in my kitchen really would rock my world….


Easy remedy….


Yep….Warrior will finally be good for something. 😉

013OMGGGG. Speaking, of Wowo….we thought the fence would solve the issue with him terrorizing the neighborhood. Nope. The hate e-mails are continuing due to his incessant barking. Someone, please come get this dog!!

WOW (Work Out Wednesday) #3: The weather has finally been nice and I’ve gotten in a lot of great runs this week between my group-ex classes. Running is my second favorite workout and I really prefer running with people, but that isn’t always possible–especially when I do my double digit runs. I thought I would share a “fun” workout fact about me. I do not listen to music when I run–tempos, progressives, sprints, etc.  I just can’t. I listen to my music 4+ hours a day teaching group ex classes and I prefer not to listen to it when I am doing my own workout (just running)! I listen to podcasts….the first you can probably guess JILLIAN!! Loveeee. The second is from Church of the Highlands, which is a mega church Birmingham. Philip and I are members of a local church, but honestly nothing/nobody compares Chris Hodges (CH’s pastor). Seriously, give it a listen. If you are married/seriously dating I suggest you start with the February/March 2013 series Love Story. It’s a six-week (six 45 minute podcasts) series studying the Song of Solomon. Fabulous!!! I’ve listened to the entire thing twice….and that never happens.

Let me know if you try the marinara sauce…….really people, put down the Prego!  Does anyone have any favorite podcasts they would like to share?


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