Running Randomness

Running Randomness

I captured this picture at 6:30 Saturday morning before I had to get to work. Beautiful, huh?!  This weekend was gorgeous and I took advantage of it and ran 8-miles after teaching group-ex classes on Saturday and 11 before teaching classes Sunday. Cody joined me for a good portion of both runs. That little dog absolutely loves to run. He cannot get enough of it and it is the highlight of his day. Anyway, Saturday’s run was uneventful, but Sunday’s run was interesting…


1) We ran into this sight at our halfway mark!! Ok, not this exact site, but it was two teenage boys “running” their dogs via a golf cart. The pure laziness of it about killed me. As I got closer to the golf cart I realized I teach the two guys. They recognized me and stopped to say hi. This was the convo…. me “OMG”. Boys “yeh, pretty smart, huh?”. me: “OMG. Get off your butts and use your legs to run your dogs”. Boys: “Look, Mrs. H., we know you love to run, but we don’t. Your sport is our sport’s punishment”. Me: “That is my new favorite quote, but you still look ridiculous”.

Isn’t that an awesome quote!??!  I thought about it for several minutes as I continued to run. I totally understand that some people despise running, but my gosh, find some form of exercise you enjoy…or can tolerate!

2) I certainly wanted that golf cart about a mile later. Cody went from his full-out run to a 3-legged limp. OMG. This happened about a week ago in the same spot and he had a thorn in a foot pad. Yep, he had another one!! Lesson learned….we will not run through that grassy area again. I thought about calling Philip to come get him, but remembered that he was at the driving range. Anyway, once I removed it he was good to go. I promise I would have carried him home if he was hurt!


3) Drama occurred at this fence one mile later. Ok, not this exact fence, but this is a good image. I run along a path like this for about 1/3 of a mile. There is a dog that lives behind a portion of the fence and it always barks when we run by it. I hate running beside his portion of the fence because he body slams it and barks furiously. This is how I envision him to look…

Ummm today I saw that he does look like this–only solid black. He busted through two of the bottom boards of the fence! Thank God his spikey collar shoulders were too broad to fit through the opening. I screamed a ridiculous high-pitched girl scream. I really don’t know when/if I have ever screamed like that! A driver witnessed the entire thing and actually stopped to check on us. Like me, he thought the dog was going to break through the entire fence. My heart rate went from a solid 153 bpm to 197 bpm! No lie. Adrenaline rush. I was over this run and I swear I sprinted home the last two miles.


4) I got the mail (from Saturday) before heading inside the house and this random package was squeezed in the mailbox. It had over $50 of merchandise and $60 of coupons in it. ??? No words, no explanation, no clue. Obviously I don’t know why we recieved it, but since formula expires I gave it to a friend that currently need it.


5) Oh, and just to end with more randomness. Philip was not at the driving range. He was in the backyard with this set-up having a blast. Interesting. My parents gave it to him for Xmas last year and he loves it.

This week started with drama (a car wreck on Monday) and ended with a bunch of randomness. Here’s to hoping for a less eventful week….


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