Thank you, everyone, for continuing to purchasePiece of our Puzzle! We truly appreciate your generosity.  There are still plenty of pieces left to be purchased….and placed in the puzzle…. help 😉


As always, Jenn at Peas and Crayons hosts What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) on … you guessed it…Wednesday.


I am definitely bending the rules by only sharing my dinner from that day, (b’fast and lunch are super boring), but it’s worth sharing.  Give it a try and add/subtract ingredients as you wish.


Work Out Wednesday (WOW): I teach a ton of  group-ex classes weekly (not new news) and I HAVE to change things up weekly (yeh, for my people but also for my body and sanity). I get on weekly kicks and this week’s kick has been tire flipping. I’ve incorporated it in 4 classes so far this week and I am crazyyyy sore. The tires range in size from 20-60 lbs depending on the gym. I try to incorporate 3 rounds of 20-30 flips mixed in with plyos, distance runs, sprints, etc. It’s an awesome workout and it’s also a great excuse to go outside and enjoy the spring (!!!!) weather.



Gotta start ’em young… 😉

I’ll end with a random occurrence  from today. Once again, I ran sweet Cody this afternoon and got the mail on my way inside the house. This past weekend we had a box with a lot of infant formula and coupons in the mailbox. No clue who/what/when/where/why ….  Well, today we had a large Pampers box with the works in it along with tons of coupons. ???? I’m getting scared (?) to check the mail….what’s next??


KIDDING!!!! But that certainly would be better than this….


I would DIE.


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