The Surprise Party!

The Surprise Party!

So, after months of keeping a major secret from my sister and doing some major party planning, the event finally occurred. My sister’s surprise party was a huge success. The night was sooooo much fun and she was beyond shocked. Everyone did such a good job keeping it a secret and acting totally causal around her during the weeks leading up to the party. It was easy for me…I don’t see her often since I live 4 hours away.  We do text/talk daily. The people who see her daily had the stressful job of constantly watching what they said around her. As with all surprise parties, the initial surprise is the most fun. Here are several snapshots of her reaction!!! So fun!!!

Here are a few more pics from the fiesta.

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Let me talk big here for a moment….I can throw some good surprise parties. I threw one for Philip a few years ago–at our own house. It was epic. 60+ people kept the secret for months and he was beyond shocked. It’s still one of my favorite memories. Anyway, I’m available to plan your next party if you are interested. 😉

Back to my sister’s party…I had to carry A LOT of food to B’ham. Some of the food was for the party and some were Creation orders–thanks! I supplied four side dishes, an appetizer, and desserts for the party. I brought some food already prepared in their serving containers, but some of the food had to be prepared/cooked at my mom’s house a couple of hours before the party. Anyway, the party food combined with the creations filled 5 ice chests. 5 large ice chests. There is NO WAY more than two of the ice chests would have fit in my damaged, cute, little red car. I would’ve put Ms. Too-Tan-Orange-Pants to shame…


Really…..think she’s moving her entire life to some FL retirement center?

Damaged…yeh, I briefly mentioned in a previous post that I had gotten in a wreck. It was a hit and run accident and while I was not hurt (thankfully), my car definitely was. UGHHH. The timing was horrible….or was it?  Jackson had a bad hail storm a few weeks ago and a huge amount of vehicles were damaged. Lets just say it’s a good time to work in a body shop and a bad time to get in a collision. The body shop has no idea when they will be able to repair my car thanks to the surplus of hail damaged cars. Lets add to the car drama by having the entire city being out of rental cars. Cars….not vehicles. I was given a big, ole school bus SUV to drive until I am reunited with Little Red.


This is a problem for two reasons 1) I don’t drive big vehicles. No, let me rephrase that. I can’t drive big vehicles. Beware of me on the road…


 2) An SUV is more expensive than a Sedan, thus we are going to owe more $ even with insurance paying 80%. Fabulous. Anyway, needless to say I was not happy about the SUV or the fact that I was going to have to drive it to Birmingham solo (Philip couldn’t come due to a work commitment golf tournament).


People that know us in “real life” just died when they read that caption. 100% perfect.

However……as Philip and I were packing all the food for the party and we realized that the  bus SUV was a huge blessing. Seriously, it was so full that there wouldn’t have even been room for Philip in it.  Soooo….look at how all those negatives became such a positive! Perhaps it’s all about having a positive perspective, but really it’s about God’s perfect timing. Always. Have a great start to the week, everyone. I’ll put some of the party recipes in my Wednesday post. 🙂


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