This is not a happy, funny, or informative post. It’s raw and painful, but hopefully has a silver lining–as does everything. Today sucks and it hurts. Let me get my woe-me issues out of the way. 1) My perfectly healthy cat (my “child” since college) is no longer healthy and was given a matter of days left to live by the vet today. This diagnosis came out of no where. I can’t talk/write about it anymore. 2) My laptop died today and I lost all of my info/pics. Yes, most of the info (work documents,etc) were saved in DropBox. 7 years of pictures were not. I can’t talk/write about it anymore. 3) I may see Little Red (my car) in July if I’m lucky.  Done talking/writing.complaining about me. Please do pray for my cat, her pain, my pain, etc. Perhaps a miracle will occur.

While my day has been awful, the Boston Marathon bombing makes my issues look beyond trivial. It definitely changed my poor-me-my-cat-is-dying-my-computer-is-toast-blah-blah-blah perspective to a shut-up-and-appreciate-your-health/life-and family’s health/life really fast. I know so many people (in real-life and via blogs) that were running the marathon today. I was keeping up with several runners via twitter all morning. A majority of people don’t realize that this marathon isn’t “just a marathon”. People have to qualify for this marathon. They work their butts off (along with their feet!) to get their PR (personal record) in another marathon to qualify for Boston. It is a dream marathon and a once in a lifetime run for a lot of people. I cannot fathom what these athletes (both professional and recreational)are enduring .  These people were approaching the end of a dream 26.2 mile run and some of them lost a limb!!!!  They spent years training for this event. They suffered mental and physical blocks during those months/years. They possibly suffered muscular injuries, bone fractures, and the loss of most of their toenails (it happens to us runners….) all to lose a limb, if not their life, at the end of that run. Unbelievable. (I realize a lot of the injured were also innocent spectators. I suppose that as a runner/athlete I immediately think from their perspective).

None of this shakes my faith. Nothing will. It does make me even more wary of the human race. While the heroic stories that arise from this horrendous situation does secure my faith in mankind; I still hate life today. Gosh that’s horrible, but it’s a true, raw feeling. I’ll leave this really negative post with this Gandhi quote….”You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”.


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