Thanks for all the kind words, texts, and emails (even from strangers!) on my crappy Monday. Tuesday was a much better day. I was reunited with my car, my computer can (possibly) be restored, and some of Abby’s blood work results came back fairly positive. She is not expected to live long, but shes slightly more alert and thats making these final days easier. Still praying for a miracle….

Again, my problems are minute compared to those suffering from the Boston Marathon bombing. I have found the heroic stories to be heartwarming and inspiring. Marathoners are the wrong group of people to attack. We are warriors. We are persistent and extremely mentally strong. We are also happy and positive people thanks to our endorphins!!!


Moving on to the normal Wednesday theme, thanks to Jenn.


I made several dishes for my sister ‘s surprise party this past weekend. I am going to share with you a pasta side dish that’s unique, simple to prepare, serves a crowd, and disappears fast!


WOW #5:  Last week I was obsessed with flipping tires (with clients, class participants, and solo)  while this week has been all about climbing stairs!


I prefer to do this outside at a steep stadium, but that’s not going to happen at 5am, soooooo the good ‘ole stair master and I have been dying hanging out together. I did the following workout Tuesday morning between classes and clients while catching up with Dancing With the Stars on my iPad.


Yeh, you may look crazy going backwards, etc, but it may be better than looking like these rockstars…. 😉



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