Happy one day until I go to the beach Wednesday and welcome to What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn. 


We had about a pound of crawfish leftover from Saturday’s crawfish boil. I decided to get creative and attempt a Crawfish Etoufee. I’m sure there are way more authentic versions, but Philip complimented my dish– so it must be amazing decent! Even if it’s not authentic, it’s super easy. It took me about an hour to make this Sunday evening with only ten minutes of “hands on” time.


Since Saturday’s Warrior Dash I’ve been thinking about my training schedule for my next Tough Mudder.   Then i had to get real with myself.  I honestly don’t train for anything, I just maintain my fitness.  I want to be able to jump into a competition (road race, adventure race, etc) at anytime so I try to stay ready! I run a 1/2 marathon distance at least once a week and do a lot of upper body conditioning (push-ups and pull-ups) Throughout the week.  Yes, that’s crazy to a lot of people, but then again I’m crazy to a lot of people. Most love me, though! 🙂

Anyway, I noticed a majority of girls skipping the wall climbs at WD. Why? Because they have no upper body strength! Upper body strength is 1/2 of the WD and TM competition!


Well, I guess this is always an option…


LOVE it!

Most girls are cardio junkies (I admit to it as well), but we need to condition our upper body!! If not for this…..


Then for this….


My kinda work out..

Speaking of cardio….I went on my usual Sunday long run and had another scary experience! Heck, I got to practice my WD fire leap for a future competition….


A SNAKE was in the middle of the sidewalk!! I didn’t see it until I was way too close to it and I had to leap over it!! I died!! As soon as I got home I told Philip about it and he asked what kind it was. Ummmm, how about a big black snake that was coiled up ready to eat me and Cody for lunch!?!?  I described it to him and my google search led me to this image….


His google search determined it was really….


😉  Enjoy the rest of your week!


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