Will someone please explain to me how I went from this…


to this…


in 24 hours?!?!?!


I feel your pain, kid…

Not that I am complaining….I know that I am a spoiled brat lucky chick to be able to jet off to paradise for a few days. I plan to do a vacay picture phone dump in my next post if you want to see some professional iPhone pics.

Prior to getting to the main point of Wednesdays (What I Ate Wednesday) let me say thanks to all the creation orders! Graduation cake pops and Mother’s Day rose cakes are taking over my kitchen! Local peeps, it’s not too late to place your order!


Onto, the dinner food….


Since work is being hard on me this week, I am making dinner easy on myself and using my fav kitchen appliance: the slow cooker! I generally use it 2-3x/wk on a “normal” week. Since this week isn’t normal….


Ok, I’ll stop….

I am using it every night this week. I have 2 slowcookers (refer back to spoiled brat, huh?!) and rotate them. I place all the ingredients in the cooker at night, store it in the fridge, and place the food-filed cooker in the base when I am walking out the door in the morning. Tonight we had an old favorite that I “created” a couple of years ago: Pork Tenderloin with Apple Stuffing.


Onto the Work Out Wednesday (WOW)…I absolutely love working out at the beach…said no one ever me. No, really, give me a chance before you have me committed. This is  why….it’s on MY time. I am not on a schedule and can stop/start whenever I want and do whatever form of exercise I choose. I don’t have to talk/yell/motivate, monitor form, keep track of time, etc.  Sound crazy to most of you? I promise that if you were told when/where/how to exercise daily it would not sound crazy. Remember, I work full-time at gyms training and teaching. LOVEEEE, but having some exercise freedom over the past few days was amazing.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned that I love running stairs. I especially love running the condo stairs. I especially love running the condo stairs when the little old lady club is having a 20 minute smoke break in the stairway. Wait, no.

I do love running the stairs for this benefit…



I also love going on long runs at the beach. NOT on the beach. Lesson learned, plantar fasciitis suffered. During one of my long runs I listened to another Jillian podcast and she challenged her listeners to do this fitness challenge. Challenge accepted. Challenge accomplished. All I can say is have fun transitioning directly from #6 to #7….  My #s were # 6: 12 reps , #7: 5 minutes, and my feelings afterward were this…


Have a great Wednesday!


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