Why I teach


One word…


I’m totally kidding. I would be a miserable person if I “lived” for those 6 weeks away from students. It’s a great perk and believe me, non-teachers, it’s beyond deserved; however, summer break is far from a break. This is not the point of this post, though. As another school year concludes, I have been reflecting on this past year as well as all my career years. This year started with a lot of changes (public school to private school and full-time to part-time), but in the end it felt like a normal school year. The good days outweighed the bad and I had a lot of good laughs and memories. That. That right there is one reason why I teach. I have a job that allows me to laugh at and with 17-18 year olds everyday. It requires patience, creativity, wittiness, and a lot of tongue-holding, but it’s a really fun job. Perhaps it’s what you make of it.


I get asked at least once a week why I continue to teach high school  since I work another full-time job. Those people love to point out all the negatives they know are associated with the profession. Reasons like this make me question my decision as well…

But, then I have moments like this that remind me of why I teach. These moments also give me hope that I’ll have another group of kids that were and are as special as the class of 2010. Here’s the story to tie this together….Philip and I spent three hours working on Baby B’s puzzle Sunday night. (Thank you, everyone, for the puzzle piece purchases! We still have about 300 pieces left for purchase. FYI!) Anyway, Philip was actually putting the pieces together and I was writing the names on the back of the pieces.


Yes, the wine is a necessity….

As I was writing the names I was extremely touched to realize how many of my former students from the class of 2010 had purchased puzzle pieces. I taught several of those kids for three years (sophomore, junior, senior) and I still keep in touch with a good number of them on a regular basis (weekly if not daily). They are entering their senior year of college and I now consider several of them friends. They consult me on life/school/relationship advice and I share a lot of my life with them as well.

Mentor teachers have told me that a group like my “2010” come across once in a career. That news slightly saddens me, but I’m also okay with it because those “kids” can never be replaced. I know that many of them read this blog and I want you to know that ya’ll are the reason I go to work everyday. Yes, laughing is important, but the knowledge that my class as well as myself had a life-changing impact on your lives is my true motivation.  Ya’ll  are getting ready to take the MCAT, NET, and other such medical entrance exams because of what I taught you academically and the faith I installed in you when you were 16-18 (this info is coming from them, not me!). The person that ya’ll have become gives me hope that I can touch another life one day and have another treasured relationship. Thank you, 2010 grads, for making my measly salary job my passion.

This also helps… 😉


(just for seniors….undergrads have two more weeks to keep me laughing)


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