My last post ended up being one of the most rewarding one I’ve written.  I heard from so many of my former students! Again, it was one of those times that remind me why I teach. I definitely needed that reminder because the papers that I have to grade continues to grow exponentially.


Funny/random story… last year I was drowning in papers (common theme for this time of the year) and broke my #2 teaching “rule” (don’t grade papers outside of the classroom).  Anyway, I recruited Philip to help me on a portion of the papers (matching sections). He completed them in about 2 minutes and I knew something was wrong. Yeh, he wrote 100 on all of them!!!!  WTH!?!?! He told me to be a “completion grade” teacher for once.  NO! I had to mark out all 100s, grade them on my own (oh, the horror), and explain to the kids why their 100 was reduced to a much lower score! Seriously…..he would give 100s to this stuff for the kids’ “creativity”.  Hahaha….see why I laugh everyday at work?!

Needless to say, his point was made and taken… He won’t grade my papers. Ha! I’m sure I punished him by giving him leftovers for dinner that night….not kidding.


Onto more recent times….like last night’s dinner.


Hosted by Jenn

I’ve told you that I’m a creature of habit and I eat the same breakfast and lunch daily. I do this on vacation, too. Don’t hate…it’s my preference. Anyway, last week at the beach I ordered the exact same meal at every restaurant: Baked fish topped with (real) crab meat.


I’ve been craving another beach trip this meal something bad and remade it. It’s super easy and fast. Bake the fish of your choice (tilapia for me), top it as much crab meat as you can stuff in your face your heart desires, broil the topped fish 2-3 minutes, and finish it off with some lemon juice. Heck, you can make it as fatty as you want (mix in bread crumbs, cheese, etc.), but I thought it was awesome. Warning: the ingredients can get kinda pricy unless you do the fishing yourself know when the store has their seafood on sale.

Onto fitness….bikini season is upon us


I read this article and thought that it was appropriate for those looking for a last minute miracle change. Remember….nothing happens over night or even in a week!

My thoughts…..

#1: the word ‘but’ gives you a ready-made excuse that sets you up for failure. Stop saying it if you are serious about your goals.


#2: YESSSS!! Come add to the fun sweat and take a group exercise class. I wrote in this post why I believe they are so effective.


Pink!!! I would look so cute in that! Would ya’ll still take my class if I wore it?!?!  😉

#3: Absolutely! If you track your food intake you are much more likely not to eat CRAP and emotionally eat. It sucks, but it’s easy and effective. There are a ton of apps that help you do that. My personal favorite is my fitness pal.


I also think this would be highly effective for my fitness friends…..



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