Weekly Phone Dump


Summer, summer, summa…. We are getting close.  Not that my life changes much during those months (I still work full time)…I just love the 100 degree heat. No lie.  I also love being in clean workout clothes all day. Wait. They are only clean at 4am when I get dressed, but whatever…. While on the subject of clean clothes, allow me to show you how Philip & I spent our Saturday afternoon….

Yep. Fun times. We had a bad electrical storm Thursday night and we lost a few appliances–the washer being one of them. This friend did survive the 1:30am drama, though.



People say that bad things happen/break in threes, right? Well, I think we are on #5….or #8, but whatever. Lets just add to the whining drama by letting it be known that little red (my car) and I are separated, again, and I’m back in another rental. I’ll stop now.


Ok, none of the above is really part of this post. A few bloggers that I regularly follow do an “iPhone pic dump”. I believe that our natural curiosity finds it interesting to see what other people capture during their daily life. Here are some of my pics from our beach trip:

Here are some random pics from this past week:

So, what is most random pic on your phone from this past week?!


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  1. Oh no!! What a pain for all those appliances to go at once! At least there’s coffee. Someone was watching out for you. That would just be cruel to test your patience without caffeine. Hope your week brightens up. Looks like you’ve got some fun vacation photos to reminisce about 🙂

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