WIAW & WOW #10

WIAW & WOW #10

Life with Isabelle…..crazy!!!! She’s adorable, but you can’t take your eyes off of her for 2 seconds. I went on a panicked, 15 minute hunt for her the other afternoon only to find her asleep in the 1/2 bath’s trash can!?!?!  She is such a baby in her routine….eat, poop, play, sleep, repeat. This is definitely a good mini training for Baby B! Minus the whole ‘lock her in the laundry room when I sleep and go to work thing’. 😉

The toilet paper roll is still her favorite toy. She now has one in every room.


She also loves straws as much as the dogs love her. (Yes, sweet Cody is smiling for the camera!)


Today she added a new toy to her sad collection:


I don’t think Cody was smiling at that moment…

Moving on to Jenn’s weekly endeavor…

Actually, this is ‘what Philip ate this past weekend’. By now most of my two readers know that I love my slowcooker due to its simplicity and perfect results.  (Minus one nightmare lasagna experiment…don’t ask).  Well, there is another kitchen tool that I love due to its crazy cooking speed.


Meet the Pampered Chef Grill Pan. It’s amazing!! Life changing.


Ok, that’s a stretch.  Seriously, though, Philip made his steak in 3 minutes !!!   He cooked it for 1:30 per side.  Yeh, it’s too rare IMO, but he killed ate it.



The next night he cooked his burger in 4 minutes! I think his craving for raw red meat has been fulfilled.

IMG_2745  IMG_2746

While I am not a red meat eater, I have used it to cook chicken breasts and fish filets. I prefer my food to be dead cooked and it still took less than 5 minutes!

It is pricey (I was fortunate to get mine at a huge discount), but it’s worth the dollars if you want food to taste like it’s from the grill, yet done in a matter of minutes with no clean up. There are a lot more meals/foods that can be prepared on the pan–it comes with a recipe book. This was just a product FYI for you. It promised a steak in 5 minutes and it delivered.

Onto Work Out Wednesday!  While I’m not sharing any ground-breaking exercises with you (ummm, you have to be a 5am group ex member for that stuff!), I do want to share with you an awesome video sent to me by one of my bad-a, Iron man, 5am-ers. (Yes, that’s a word!).  I get asked almost daily how I workout in the 4am hour daily. I wrote this post discussing how I remain motivated but, I honestly don’t know how not to start my day without a sweaty workout.  I tell my new early-am participants that it takes 3 weeks to create a habit so they need to stick with the early rising.


They soon realize that I am always right. Anyway, if you are in need of some get-your-butt-out-of-bed-and-workout  motivation then this video is for you!!


Heck, changing your routine may be exactly what you need if you are in a fitness rut. Remember one of my top workout rules: Remain uncomfortable!!!


Lastly, I can’t conclude without mentioning Oklahoma. Life can be so cruel, yet so amazing simultaneously.  While 24 deaths are way too many, it’s amazing the number wasn’t quadrupled. The Boston bombings shook me to the core as a runner and this disaster has affected me as a teacher.  Please continue to pray for those in need.


Happy Wednesday, friends! Does anyone have any crazy hiding/sleeping spot stories from their pets!?


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