Our house is a training facility


Ok, most of my three readers (yep, I’m moving up in the blog world) know that I am obsessed really like adventure races. I recently received an e-mail from the Tough Mudder encouraging me (and everyone else on the e-mail blast) to sign up for the Toughest Mudder!  It differs from a regular TM (12 miles, 40 obstacles) in that it is a 10 mile, 20 (I think) obstacle course that you repeat for 24 hours!! Did you read that!?!? Repeating the course for 24 hours!!! That’s awesome! I really mean that….. yikes….


The team that completes the most rounds wins a good chunk of cash, but hopefully they will survive and be able to spend it….


Attached to the e-mail was this video of last year’s Toughest Mudder competition. It’s pretty awesome, but 20-minutes long. While I was semi-watching/listening to the video I was watching Izzy going crazy in the house. Then it hit me!!! I want to do it. I can’t believe I’ve been wasting years of my life going to gyms and the great outdoors when everything I need to train for the Tough Mudder is in my house (except the mud!). There is a small problem…I need to weigh the equivalent of air (aka Izzy) for the equipment to be beneficial! Lets view some of her training for the event in action…

Here we have hurdle jumps (Log Bog Jog and Berlin Walls) through the bar stools.


She recently mastered balancing on the top of the support beams (Twinkle Toes) and popping the dogs’ noses. I’m not sure how this technique will benefit her in an actual event….you are suppose to help your fellow Mudders…


Next are wall climbs (Spider Webs) which are practiced on Warrior’s pen. She needs a lot more practice with this event. She has yet to master the coming down part of this obstacle. She simply hangs on to the top wailing for assistance.


Oh, the ice swim (aka Artic Enema). She’s a pro at this event due to her hourly practice. She tries to earn bonus points for kicking/splashing all the water out of the bucket. The dogs have not appreciated their fur-polluted water bowl.


Everest (a slippery wall climb) is usually a team sport; however, she’s bad-a enough to master it with the help of a single shoelace. Good job, Izzy.


Another water obstacle that she has attempted many times is Walk the Plank. OMG. (This 30-foot drop-off jump into a muddy abyss was the toughest obstacle for me…mentally).


Hay Bale leaps (Bale Bonds) were perfected early this week. She’s a pro at leaping from one piece of furniture to another, yet her landing skills need some work. She enjoys landing on objects you are holding….like drinks.

The Boa Constrictor (belly crawling through a series of pipes that force you on a downhill into some freezing mud, then a slippery uphill crawl to the other side) is a joke to her. She can fit anywhere (behind the washer, in the rice cooker-which sits on a bottom shelf in the pantry, in the crisper drawer in the fridge-don’t ask, in my shoes, etc, etc).

Is this for real?!?!

Is this for real?!?! bahahahahaha

Unfortuantely, there is not photographic evidence of this obstacle practice due to my freak out her remarkable speed, but she has attempted the Cliffhanger and Hanging Tough on the 9′ curtains. Again, she’s great at going up, but she can’t get down. She’s embarrased I’m telling you that and will probably become an expert really soon.


I don’t think she’s ready for the fire leap obstacle quite yet, thus the fireplace has been barricaded with a variety of objects. She thinks she is ready and fights the student’s project poster board daily. (BTW….the red box is the game Apples to Apples. Love, love, love it).


I feel confident that Isabelle’s training will continue and become much more disastrous entertaining as she grows. Does anyone want to do the Toughest Mudder with me?!?!?  All my adventure race crazies regulars have said no! 😦


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  1. I am one of your three readers, and I love to read your blog. You crack me up! Your new little wild cat is precious.

  2. I fall off the face of the blog world for one week and you go and get a new baby! Oh my goodness, she is a cutie! I think you should enroll her on your team. Looking at the obstacles around the house, I’d say she’s got this!

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