A 30-minute mile & Weekly Phone Dump

A 30-minute mile & Weekly Phone Dump

Soooo how is everyone doing on the Streaking Challenge?! While a lot of people have joined me in the challenge, several have broken my heart said that running is boring and they are not interested in it. Never, ever, ever. WHAT!?!


Ok, I understand that running isn’t everyone’s “thing” and that’s FINE. What if you did a workout that had you run a mile without you knowing that you ran a mile!?  Mua-ha-ha!!

I did these two tire flipping circuits this past week in bootcamp classes and with clients. Some of those people were truly shocked that they had run a mile by the end of the circuit. Maybe I have some new streakers!?!



As you have probably guessed, each circuit took about 30 minutes. The time flew by, though, at least to me….


And what post wouldn’t be complete without some cute Izzy pics and some random pics from my life? Enjoy!


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