WIAW & WOW #12

WIAW & WOW #12

I swear I took 30 pics of the pets and that is the best “family portrait” I could get!


In case you want to know what happened the moment after I took that picture…Izzy scaled the couch, jumped onto Cody’s back (black dog), and sprung off him onto Warrior’s tail. She hung on to it mechanical-bull style for an impressive 8 seconds. That’s a new record. Once she was flung off his tail she somehow landed on the windowsill.


Ooooo scary cat pose.

That performance exhausted her and she has now taken over Warrior’s bed the living room couch.


Never a dull moment here. Anyway, it is Wednesday which means Jenn hosts What I Ate Wednesday.

wiaw sensible snacking button

Sensible Snacking is the theme for June and I think that is fitting since this is what I am currently inhaling eating….


That would be a massive bag of frozen grapes. I discovered them last week and may or may not be on my third bag of them……It’s a costly serious problem.

I’m not a big snacker and I don’t have any genius snack ideas–as is the point of Jenn’s WIAW theme (go to her blog for tons of snack ideas/themes). What I do have are two main snack “rules” that I follow and encourage my clients to do the same. (Actually, these are meal and snack rules, but whatev…)

1) A snack should always include a protein (carb + protein or fat + protein). ALWAYS. I could lecture the importance of why, but school is out and this teacher is done preaching for a while. Just trust me–or read this. (a small excerpt out of Jillian Michael’s sidekick Bob Harper’s newest book). My all time fav = apple + peanut butter. (Krema PB…trust me, I’m an expert).


There is no such thing as personal space in this house..

Ummm, that combo is definitely dinner 99% of the time when Philip is out of town. Do practice portion control, people! Only 1 spoonful of pb!


2) Snacks should be one-ingredient foods. Both items should only be one ingredient. I say that and people look at me like I’m crazy.


Then they ask me what I mean!?!? Excuse me, but I think they are the crazy ones…. one ingredient!?! An apple. A banana. etc, etc.


In other words put down the candy protein bar!!!! This is the ingredient list and food label from a popular candy protein bar (ok, I’ll stop…). Ummm, how many ingredients do you count? Def more than 1. How about this….how many do you recognize? Exactly….do some googling and let me know when you will be eating that crap bar again…


BTW…Krema peanut butter has 1 ingredient: peanuts. Toss the Jiffy NOW!!! I’ll stop for real…


Onto WOW (Work Out Wednesday)… Did ya’ll know that today is National Running Day!!? YAY!! What a great day to continue streaking!


I’m actually not going to discuss running or even a sweat-inducing workout regarding this WOW. People that know me, please sit down for this news. I took a Reformer Pilates class Sunday and a yoga class today and enjoyed both of them.


I know. Actually, I don’t know…who I am anymore. What I do know is that fitness is divided into three realms (strength, endurance, and flexibility) and I’ve ignored the third componemt for far too long. My chronically sore hamstrings are a reminder of that downfall. I know that yoga/stretching is so important for runners (the running Bible states so here) so I made it my summer goal to incorporate pilates and yoga into my weekly routine.

Ok, there it is. My goal is etched in stone on the Internet so I have to stick to it. Oh, and for those of you that envision yoga as sitting around, de-stressing, and meditating you are wrong! As was I… It is a total body strength workout. You’re continuously striking poses that resemble leg lunges, squats, pushups, handstands, planks, etc. I was definitely feeling the burn at times.


Have a good Wednesday, friends! Is anyone slightly motivated to read their nutrition labels or take a yoga class……yeh…didn’t think so. At least I tried! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. I’m pretty sure the term “ignorance is bliss” refers to what I felt before I started reading labels. Now that I’m learning about what all those unpronounceable ingredients that are put in processed foods actually are, I’m starting to have supermarket anxiety mixed in with frustration. So many foods I put back on the shelf after reading the label. today I saw imitation honey. I had to pick it up and read the label just because I was curious how imitation honey could be made, it had malitol and some other junk in it. Yuck! Pure honey is perfect, why imitate it? Anyway….
    I’m feeling better, I don’t eat as much because the whole foods fill me up quicker and leave me feeling satisfied longer. I don’t get as jittery as I used to?
    Anyway, had to let you know, yes, at least one of your readers is reading labels ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Erin! Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing! A big fat “why” to imitation anything!! Def stick with the real deal. God put them on the planet for a reason–the world didn’t start with the fake stuff!

  2. I think our pups are brothers. I cant take a picture without some random body part making the shot. Although, yours def take the cake! I suppose I should be doing more flexibility based workouts too. Ugh. They are just so slow and boring. But I do read labels. Religiously. Unless I’m cheating ๐Ÿ™‚ So that cancels out, right? Labels in place of yoga. Totally legit!

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