Life Lately & Weekly Phone Dump


Ohhhh, have you missed me?!!? I can’t tell you how many texts/e-mails I received since I’ve been MIA for a while. I guess it’s safe to say that I def have more than 2 readers. šŸ˜‰


I’m alive and well and def not on vacation. My life has actually been more like this lately….


I know, I know, we are all swamped with jobs, life, etc. I swear summers exhaust me more than the school year. But lets not even mention the s-word again for a while… I spend my days at the gym and my nights working for SkoolPadĀ and baking creations (I hope all the fathers loved their treats–thanks for all the orders).

Really, I think that most of ya’ll have missed seeing Izzy pics rather than hearing about my life!! Eeeee, she’s still a sweet, little fluff ball and is growing more mischievous by the day!

This past weekend Philip and I finished Baby B’s puzzle!!!!!!! 1,008 pieces in 20 hours! It’s a miracle!


Actually, the miracle is the fact that all the pieces were accounted for and only one suffered some Izzy tooth damage. My biggest fear was that we would be missing a piece due to that busy kitty. She only “stole” one piece and, luckily, is still too small to do much damage.


We also celebrated our anniversary this past week!! Our great marriage is truly my life’s biggest blessing. I am so blessed to have such a really great man love me so unconditionally. I am a lot little crazy, energetic, full of ideas, always on the go, etc, etc and he lets me do my thing while completely supporting me. Most recent example….getting little Izzy and booking a wild excursion on our upcoming cruise vacay! Details to come!


My exact words..”ruin my make up with cake and you will die”!

We actually got dressed up and went out to a nice dinner when I got off work that night. Yes, I actually went out in public without a baseball cap and sweaty clothes on for the first time in weeks. Not a joke. Wow, and he still loves me!? ha. Um, I could tell that I’ve only been wearing workout shoes for the past month b/c I could barely walk in my cute heels. I kicked them off as soon as we got home and Izzy was obsessed with them for some reason.


Philip brought home a bag full of fresh veggies given to him by an employee. I spent about an hour turning that bag into five different meals for the week Sunday evening. So far, so good! Meaning so far Philip hasn’t complained! šŸ˜‰


Lets discuss what happened to be on TV (lifetime) when I was slicing and dicing the veggies. Ā Pretty Wicked MomsĀ –do you have any idea what I’m talking about!??!? Ā Watching this will make you feel sorry for the future of our country, but better about yourself. Seriously, it’s reality TV at its finest (insert sarcasm), but really caught my attention because these are southern women (Mississippi, Birmingham, and Atlanta). It features six cut-throat, perfectly groomed mothers in a raging “mommy war”. They will stop at nothing to one-up each other since they all strive to be the prettiest, the thinnest, the richest; and their kids to be the smartest. It’s really insane. Here are some of my fav quotes from the most recent episode.

Homework: watch this tomorrow night (Tuesday) and report back to me! Local readers……people this crazy really exist and live close to us!!!


Ohhh lord, yes I did….

Two more random pics from my phone….. I happen to think the polka dots on Nike’s new line are super cute. BUT those shorts cost $15 more than the regular shorts! I refuse to pay more for p-dots. Wow. Those dang Wicked Moms drop $100,000 on their toddler’s b’day party and I won’t buy $40 shorts. Winner.


Well, let me really Ā embarrassĀ brag on myself with this story. Bath and Body Works discontinued my fav lotion in December. Rude. I’ve been sparingly using what little I have left–until now!! That store has a BIG sales event every June when they bring back all discontinued lotions (plus some extras) from the past year as a final sale item. Side note…they sell the $11 bottles for $2.75!! Anyway, a local BBW got in 35 bottles of my beloved lotion, but would only let me hoard have 5 of them. I won’t tell you how many I tried to buy, but I will tell you that my mom did some purchasing for me at a B’ham BBW. Muhahaha…cheating the system!Ā 


Wow. See what I mean?? Ā I feel better about myself already. Those women pay $200 to have their dog’s fur flat ironed and I hoard $2 lotion. Fabulous.


And what post of mine wouldn’t be complete without some exercise talk/pics? Cody found this tennis ball during one of our runs and carried it for 4+miles. He is still obsessed with it. I don’t get him out for more than 4 miles since we’ve finally hit the 90 temps!! yay!! I swear he would walk/run all day if I would let him.

IMG_2990 Ā IMG_3001

The winner of the text/pic that made me laugh the hardest this week goes to:


Why did I laugh so hard at this?!?

The most motivational image goes to:


I choose gym!! You!?! Ā Well, that covers my life from the past week. Thrilling, I know! Ā Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


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