I’m retiring & WIAW #13


So, who watched the train wreck Pretty Wicked Moms last night thanks to my last post?! I know about 10 of  ya’ll did b/c we were texting the entire time. Love. So dang funny and the one-liners are amazing–in a stupid/can’t breath/die laughing way.”Too posh to push”, seriously, I can’t handle it. The ridiculous deep convos held b/t Emily and Nicole in front of the make-up mirror in Emily’s closet (which is the size of my living room) are hilarious–again, in a stupid/shocking/OMG-is-this-real-life way.


Yes, your IQ will probably lower due to watching this show, but it may just be worth it.


Moving on to the point of posting on Wednesday…..it’s Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday.

wiaw sensible snacking button

Of course I am going to share a squash/zucchini recipe with ya’ll since we received a huge amount of those veggies this past weekend.


We have been eating squash for dinner for days and there is no end in sight. NBD except I am scared of turning yellow. Don’t laugh!!  I went through a sweet potato phase about a year ago and I turned yellow/orange. Philip and my students made me detox. Seriously. Yes, the beta carotene, blah, blah, science, science, it won’t happen with squash, etc, etc. It took me 4 long months to return to “normal” and I really don’t want to go through that again.





Anyway, are you ready for this easy, easy recipe!? Prep time took me less than 5 minutes. Here are the ingredients:


And here is the final product. Not beautiful, but extremely healthy and delicious.


Tinfoil Veggie&Chicken Packs

Of course, alter the spices and serving size as desired. 2 packs for Philip and 1 for me was perfect for us.

Ok, WOW (workout Wednesday) involves my nonexistent retirement announcement.


I have been subbing at least 1  group exercise classes a day for all the lucky instructors on vacation. Well, two classes that I subbed last week were Kids Bootcamp. Honestly, I was not excited….4-10 year olds in a bootcamp!?  I am not good with little kids….babies and teenagers, yes. (I’m banking on the fact that it’ll be different when it’s my own kid, right?!). Anyway…..I absolutely LOVED that class. They were precious and had so much fun. I had to rush from teaching the kiddos to another gym to teach my “regulars” (adults) and decided that I needed to retire from adult bootcamp. HA! That announcement did not go off well.

I played a card game with the kids and they thought it was great. Simple concept…assign an exercise to each suite and perform that many reps of each exercise as it coordinates with the card. Ex: if hearts = burpees then a 4 of hearts would require 4 burpees. Face cards equal 10 reps of each move and I let the kids take a break when they drew an ace and joker. Yes, gym regulars, I gave the kids a break. 😉


Um, let me go ahead and let it be known that I came up with the card game. Good ole Jillian Michaels did not!! She stole it from me, she just doesn’t know it. I have witnesses. Rant over.


Anyway, I assigned very generic bootcamp moves to the cards, but gave them cute, kid-friendly names. Ex: burpees were called grasshoppers. They were so excited to do grasshoppers multiple times in a row when hearts kept being drawn from the deck. Hmmmm, my adults would have been moaning and groaning. Perhaps it’s all in a name!?! 😉

While I am certainly not retiring from adult classes, I do wish we could all attain a child’s viewpoint on exercises. It’s fun, not a chore! When did riding a bike around your neighborhood turn into dragging yourself to a spin class? More importantly, why did it change?

Challenge….if you aren’t a gym/exercise regular try to find something FUN that will keep you active. Lets leave the laziness to the pets.


Did you really think I would leave her out of a post?!


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