My favorite things & Weekly Phone Dump


Happy last week of June. Whattt?!?!? No!!!!  I know that you’ve been waiting for my weekly phone dump, so here it is. Enjoy the randomness of my phone’s life.

I’ve learned that several of ya’ll are vying to earn the weekly “favorite/funny” picture of the week. They all crack me up; however, this person knew how to get to the top spot….perhaps you need to be a science nerd to appreciate this….or a science teacher.


I died…

Don’t give up, losers, there’s always next week   😉

My favorite blogger, Janae, did a top 3 favorite things survey for bloggers. I figured, why not!? However, in my typical fashion I broke the rules and sometimes only listed 1 favorite instead of 3…..come on….


So, people that know me in real life….let’s see how well you really know me!?

1. All-time Favorite Running Shoes:

-Brooks Pure Cadence 1s…lets not discuss their discontinued status…


2. Favorite running song(s)

-I don’t run to music… but I currently love these artists in my car and spin class: Ryan Macklemore & Lewis, AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, Robin Thicke, Pitbull….I could keep going….


She’s just jealous I didn’t mention her…

3. Favorite app:



4. Favorite races:

-No brainer…Tough Mudder

5. Favorite dessert:

1.  My choc chip cake and TCBY. This self-serve fro-yo stuff is crap…thank goodness there is not a TCBY close to my house.


Ha…that’s awesome. I don’t know anyone who could put that away, though.

6. Favorite foods:

-Peanut butter and  Shrimp.  Ummm, no worries, not together.


7. Favorite store to buy clothes:

-Franscesca’s Collections

8. Favorite TV Shows:

Biggest Loser, Big Brother (it starts Wednesday!!!!!!!!), and Bachelor/Bachelorette.

9. Favorite WorkOut Mantras:

-Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going.  -Jillian Michaels

-What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you

-You never regret a workout.


10. Favorite vacation spot:

-Hmmmm, not really a spot, but a cruise around the Caribbean. Philip and I are expert cruisers….I’m available to plan your vacay for a small fee….like a free cruise… 😉

11. Favorite color:

-Really? Do I even have to state my answer?


12. Favorite way to relax:



No!!! That’s not true regarding my cooking at all. Promise!

13. Favorite sleeping position:

-Curled up on my right side

14. Favorite time of day:

-Early, early morning…


Change that to 5am…

15. Favorite pic of you and your spouse/sig other:


Yes, of course, our wedding pics and vacay pics are my favs, but this pic is special and speaks “1,000 words”. I threw P an awesome surprise b’day party that took 5 months to plan.  More than 80 people kept it quiet and it was a huge success. This pic was snapped as soon as he walked in the house, the lights were turned on, and everyone shouted “surprise”! So fun. Ummm, I can throw one heck of a surprise party…again, I’m available for hire. 😉

Well, there ya go, maybe you learned something about me! Any surprises!? Feel free to answer some of the questions about yourself in the comments!


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