Debunking Fitness Myths


Hey! Have you seen this video, which is a parody of Taylor Swift’s song 22 regarding being 32?! Hi-LAR-IO-US. It immediately caught my attention w/ it’s first line “it feels like one of those days where I’ll just go to work, uh uh, uh uh”. I was hooked. Some of my other fav lines “yeahhhhh, I’ve got wrinkles and acne at the same time”, “I’ll just put on some sweatpants and live like I’m 32”, “it feels like everday my news (Facebook) gets crowded w/ newborns; when are you going to have a one?”, “my whole body is sore from walking up a staircase???”, “I drink b/c I’m sad now”, “wish I made more investments b/c I’m so broke now”, “I have a cat now”. Go ahead and spend 3.5 minutes of your life and watch the video–it’s really funny and so dang true.


Switching subjects….Philip’s employee came through again and he exchanged one of my chocolate chip cakes for a crazy amount of veggies.


He gave us something new this week: blueberries!


Paws off, Cody.

Currently, they are frozen and I hoped that they would be as good a frozen grapes. Nope.

I made an awesome salsa with all the tomatoes (20?) and peppers (10?).


Homemade salsa

I simply pureed them, added a ton of spices (prob 1 tsp each of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and 1 tbsp each of paprika, cumin, oregano, and lemon juice, and 1/2 cup vinegar), and boiled the mixture. Seriously….best salsa ever. We might have eaten it with a spoon out of the pot. In fact, I just used it as a chicken marinade and it was a huge success.

Speaking of success….

The perfect pie crust.

Finally perfected my pie crust

Philip recently requested that I remake his grandma’s stovetop chocolate pie. That’s BIG TIME. Ya’ll know that grandma’s recipes can never be 100% remade (grandma always leaves out a “secret” ingredient in her recipe) ;


however, he says I nailed it….And he’s my toughest critic.

Grandma's chocolate stovetop pie! $20 (topped w/ meringue and chocolate shavings = $25)

Minus the meringue…

On the Izzy front….she’s getting so dang big. :-(((( Stoppppp growing, little fur ball. Recently I’ve been calling her Frizzy Izzy. Her fur is getting longer/spikier and her tail has fluffed up ten-fold. Eeeee, she’s still precious.


Moving on to a story from my home-away-from-home aka the gym. I take on a lot of new clients during the summer due to having the mid-morning and lunch hours free. Anyway, this summer has been especially frustrating.


Seriously, where do people get these myths ideas?!? Case in point: three separate clients with three completely different, wacky beliefs that I am trying my hardest to debunk.

Fitness Myth #1: Drink shakes and eat bars to lose weight.

This client is single and hates to cook, so she only eats shakes and smoothies. Seriously…1 Starbuck’s frou-frou drink, 2 Smoothie King shakes, and 3 Power Bars a day!! Am I the only person horrified by this “diet”!?!


A majority of protein and meal replacement bars/shakes are filled with cheap proteins, sugars and artificial flavors and colors. They’ll satisfy you for the moment, but they don’t contain enough beneficial nutrients and bulk to keep you feeling full until the next meal. I truly believe that a majority of these shakes/bars are an unhealthy and counterproductive meal and/or snack option to eat day after day. Of course, I don’t think my preaching has changed her way, but these sugar-equivalent pics have deterred her…


Andddd just for kicks….how many of y’all are guilty of this one?!


1-ingredient food, people!?!? I swear, I need a quarter for every time I say it.



Get off the fake food and break the perpetual sugar cycle.


Fitness Myth #2: Do crunches for 30 minutes a day to get a 6-pack.

Hmmm, where to begin!?


Simply put, crunches don’t work and a set amount of time dedicated to a particular exercise certainly doesn’t work. The most effective abdominal exercises don’t even target this area at all. Honestly, eating clean is the key to exposing your ab muscles.


Everyone has a 6-pack; some people’s are simply covered with more abdominal fat than other’s. To truly achieve enviable abs, eat 1-ingredient foods, reduce your total body fat, and incorporate both strength-training and cardiovascular exercise into your workouts.


100% true!!!!

Fitness Myth #3: If I lift weights I will bulk-up


Miss five-minutes-on-the-eliptical-and-five-minutes-on-the-treadmill-repeat-five-times actually asks me how she can get arms to look like mine the girl on the machine next to her (really…the girl next to her…).

When I replied, “lift some weights, do some calisthenics, and get off this cardio cycle you insist on doing”, she baulked at me.


She then stated, “that got you your arms, I want her arms”. (really…I can’t make this stuff up…).


Seriously, avoiding lifting weights (even your own body weight) actually deprives women of the many benefits strength training provides, including a super-charged metabolism and increased weight loss.


Females are not going to bulk up unless they are willing to follow an extremely strict diet and exercise regimen and increase the amount of testosterone in their body to achieve an increased degree of muscularity.

Come on, women, don’t you want to be strong!?!? Not bulky, but strong!



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