My favorite workout items & Weekly Phone Dump

My favorite workout items & Weekly Phone Dump

Vacation week is here! I should be super excited, but I’m kind of stressed at the moment. Not only do I have 1 million errands to run, 2 million classes to teach, and 3 million loads of laundry to do, but I also have to pack…4 million outfits….lets just keep the exaggerations coming. 😉

Anyway, I think that 90% of the people that know me in real life have asked me “will you exercise on vacation?”. Really?! And I thought these people were my friends….


OF COURSE! I will run laps around the ship and use its awesome gym. Heck, there are spin and bootcamp classes offered on board, but I am def an instructor snob (as are some of you) and prob will not partake in them (I’ve tried them on past cruises).

Work out clothes and items are actually the first things I pack. Priorities, people. No, really that is b/c those items take up the most room and are the easiest to pack…no worries about coordinating shoes, jewelry, etc. Anyway, I thought I would share w/ you a few of my favorite workout items that I use (almost) daily and am packing….aside from the usual: 10 pairs of shorts, 10 tops, 10 hats, 10 pairs of socks…not kidding. The suitcase is already quite full….


1) I’m going to go ahead and declare the Brook’s Adrenalines as my (2nd) fav shoes. RIP my beloved Cadence 1s….hint, hint, Brooks… I just received the 13s today and LOVE them. As soon as they were delivered I went out for a test run and they passed my test. I ordered them rather than buying them at a local store b/c I wanted the special edition color that was only available online. Yeh, I’m special like that ridiculous. You’ve got to admit that they are beyond cute. Yes, I realize I’ve probably written 5 posts about my work out shoes….they are crucial to my job. I’m not obsessed. Promise!

IMG_3526 IMG_3527

2) My headphones of choice are Jay Buds. No worries with tangled wires, etc. These are wireless, bluetooth headphones and are truly amazing. I find that they also do a good job eliminating environmental noise, as well. While I can’t use the bluetooth feature on the trip (no Internet), they do work flawlessly when I am at home, running, or whatever. It’s so easy to talk to people, have Siri read my text messages aloud, etc, etc all while never touching my phone. People on the other end of the line have no idea that I am using these–meaning it sounds like I am inside my house on my phone rather than outside running. Okay, the gasping for air may give it away after a while… Yes, they are pricey, but you truly get what you pay for with these.


3) I have gone through 8 different Polars and Garmins watches and my fav is the Polar FT40. Garmin users will not like it since it doesn’t have a GPS, but hey, there’s an app for that I use to monitor my mileage. The heart rate % is used daily in my classes to gauge my workload and to inform my members what % they should target. Calorie counting is also a addicting, evil, important primary feature. I love the FIT test component, fat burn %, and daily/weekly exercise comparision charts. I actually find the FT40 easier to use than some of the simpler Polars.


4) I am obsessed with the Fit Bit One. Yes, it does some of the same stuff as Polar, but it has a lot of additional features. I love seeing my daily steps on it, viewing the graph online, and monitoring my sleeping pattern. What’s cool about the Fit Bit is that you wear it on your clothes against your skin (waist band, bra, etc) and it wirelessly updates every time you are within a set range of your computer. Below is an image from their website….ha…7hrs and 40 min of sleep….def not my graph.

fitbit_graph_annotated_full Fitbit_Sleep-Graph-smaller

While I don’t have a screen shot of my graphs, let me share with you my averages….yes, I think you are that bored interested.

Steps per day: 30,000

Fun fact: (I walk 7 miles a day JUST IN MY CLASSROOM!!!!)

Most steps taken during: 4am-6am. ha!!! When most of ya’ll are sleeping…I have issues.

Minutes to fall asleep: 20

# of times awakened during the night: 12

Active sleep time: 5 hours, 7 minutes

Yes, it’ll track your calories in/out if you utilize their food log, but…


No, that’s not why. I simply prefer MyFitnessPal for that. I’ve used it for years and all of my journals are on that site, why change?!

My only complaint about the Fit Bit is that it is not water proof…beware. The company says it’s “water resistant” and has actually replaced three of my sweat ruined Fit Bits. Yes, it has a waterproof case, but obviously that case has nothing on me.


5) Males, this isn’t for you, but girls I love this!! It’s really only needed for those of you that do long runs, but I’ve come to love mine. Meet The HipS-sister.


From their website. HipS-sister is not just a fashion accessory, it’s a new and funky way of expressing your style and holding your small personal items. Leave the fanny pack at home, but be hands-free and live hands-on! HipS-sister is a band of high quality material with several pockets and a hidden top loading pocket. Just slide it on and it follows you anywhere your lifestyle takes you.

It holds all of my crap accessories needed for long runs, but it isn’t water proof…boo.

HipsS-sister tries to demo that you can wear the accessory with “real” clothes, but I just don’t know…..


Okay, yes, it’s a glorified fanny pack. Lets face it, it’s hard to make a fanny pack look cute….even with Fluffy attached.


Someone needs to alert PETA…

Yes, I will take all of these with me on vacay and use them (almost) daily. Don’t tell Philip, but we are doing a race at one of the islands and a jungle hike up a mountain/zip line down the mountain at another!! mua-ha-ha-ha!!

Philip and I always split up the islands (usually 2 and 2) and secretly choose the excursions for “our” ports. Then we surprise each other with our choices once we are on board the ship. So fun…sometimes! 😉 Mine always involve hikes, zip lines, biking, kayaking, etc while he selects the party boats, jet skies, and scuba diving. We shall see what this year’s trip holds!

Onto the latest and greatest pics from my phone….aka pet and Creation overload.

Pets first….


Question: What do you notice about Warrior’s tongue in the last picture!?

Answer: A chunk of it is missing.

Why: He was a hellion of a puppy and bit off part of his own tongue!!!


Latest Creations:



Really, local stores, really? already!? :(

Really, local stores, really? already!? 😦


Beautiful, but stormy sunset..enjoyed by me and Warrior.



The funniest text pic as of recently:



My favorite inspiration text pic as of recently:


I laughed so, so hard. But, I later found myself in a more contemplative mood and wondered how many of us are the poor rhino aiming to look like the unicorn. Silly, rhino, it can never look like a unicorn…they don’t exist!!!! How many of us are living in a state of longing to be “something” better (thinner, faster, smarter, etc). Sometimes we need to take a hard look at that “something” and decide that we don’t need to aim for that certain goal. Perhaps that “something” would totally change who we are or maybe that “something” doesn’t even exist. I’m all about goals, but make them realistic, beneficial, and non-comparison. Andddd that’s about as deep as it’s getting, peeps. Vacation time!! I think my next post will be “how not to gain 100 pounds on a cruise ship” 😉


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