Pumpkin Eats WIAW

Pumpkin Eats WIAW

The support/agreement from my last post was kinda overwhelming! Thanks! I am so happy that so many people/friends (those that I know in real life and have met virtually) agree with the sad decease of common sense and the ridiculous uprising of helicopter parents.


Can we please take a moment to say a prayer for these kids…..they have no chance of having any good ole’ common sense since it obviously isn’t even in their parents’ genes. Or what about these idiots—referring to the kids and their parents! Are you kidding me? Their use of technology and lack of common sense got the disrespectful kids busted and their lame parents are threatening Brain Holloway?! He was actually trying to hold them accountable. Perhaps someone can forward them my last post. No, please don’t. I don’t want to be on their hit list. Ok, new topic…


How about some Izzy pics from today b/c I know your day is incomplete w/out seeing the cute fur ball.  😉


She loves laying under his leg…


She is still obsessed with water bottles.

If you read about my boring life in the spring you may recall when a pair of Easter ducklings got dropped off in my neighborhood pond. Well, Af and Lac are still residing in the muddy waters and they come waddling and quacking up to me when I call their names! It’s really cute. I feed them bread while playing ball with the dogs every afternoon.


I am kinda worried about them and the upcoming winter temps, though. I want Philip to build them a little house. (Contain your laughter). He doesn’t even acknowledge that request and simply rolls his eyes at me.


Dan, (my crafty BIL) will you!?

Should I be embarrassed for even worrying about this? *If you have to ask, then prob so…

Moving on…as most of my virtual readers know Wednesday is WIAW. This is stands for What I ate Wednesday for those non-bloggers.  A blogger named Jen at Peas and Crayons “hosts” this weekly virtual event. Basically it’s a way to “meet” new online friends, get new recipes, etc. October’s WIAW theme has been all about healthy Halloween treats.


The blog world goes crazy incorporating pumpkins into all their snacks/meals this time of year. Truth…..I do not like pumpkin. At all. Yeh, all of my blog friends are probably dying right now.


I do a lot of baking with pumpkin (my muffins and loafs are in huge demand right now–thanks!), but neither Philip nor I eat them.

IMG_1174 IMG_4631

Here’s the point of this rambling…..I was baking the above pumpkin creations and cooking our dinner simultaneously last week. I had a 1/2 cup of pumpkin purée leftover during the baking process and viola this dish was born.  Another truth…. I waited until Philip took a bite just to make sure it was edible**.    If he spit it out, the dogs were going to eat my serving!


The dish was actually good and definitely not too pumpkin-y.  If you are a pumpkin freak then amp up the amount!



**He still doesn’t know he ate pumpkin! 😉


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