A Photo An Hour


Several bloggers that I follow do “A Photo An Hour” post a couple of times a month. I decided to join the party since I find other people’s daily life interesting. Warning: my life is not interesting.


4am: Necessity


5am: Hard working class at gym #1

*Most of them ran from the camera 😉


6:30am: Personal mini circuit


7am: Personal Training

*This client is in the middle of marathon training so we hit fast intervals of 200m, 400m, 600m, and 800m x 3 at 5k effort with some upper body exercises thrown in the mix. It sucked.


8am: Time to look decent


9am – 1pm: WORK


1:30pm: Manicure w/ a fall color change


2pm: Emails and leftover chili for lunch


2:30pm: Errands to Pet Co and the bank

*Yes, I’m one of *those* people. Sweet Cody sometimes runs errands with me.


3:30: Feeding Af and Lac

*Just an FYI…ducks don’t like pasta. Shocked? Well, I was! How dare they be food snobs! We had leftover spaghetti noodles from a disaster dinner Philip made a few nights ago. I knew we wouldn’t eat the noodles and figured they would. Wrong.


4:30pm: Teaching a scuplt class at gym #2

*Random thought I had driving to/from gyms: “Um, the sun just set….this Daylight Savings Time sucks”.


5:30pm: Teaching a spin class at gym #3


7pm: Walking the dogs

*Story time: Don’t tell Philip this pic is on the web!  Our neighborhood is veryyyy anti dog poop in yards. Seriously, these people will chase you down and send ugly e-mails if your dog craps in their yard. Not that I know first hand or anything. Anyway, I am a diva refuse to clean up their mess when we all go walking, so sweet Philip walks w/ plastic bags in his hands stuck in his shorts just in case the dogs go in someone’s yard.

7:30pm: Shower and pajamas

7:30pm: Shower and pajamas

*Fun fact: Izzy gives Warrior a 20-30 minute bath daily. He loves it.

*An even more fun fact: She is on some serious, daily fur ball medicine.



8pm: Good ole’ slow cooker dinner. I spy Cody!


8:30pm: Dishes and laundry

*No worries, once they lick the slow cooker insert clean it is soaked in detergent and bleach!

9pm: The Voice

9pm: The Voice and The Blacklist

*Has anyone been watching The Blacklist? Her life seriously stresses me out.

10:30pm-11pm: BED!

10:30pm: BED!

Well, that’s my Monday. How was yours? Is anyone still there….?? 😉



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