A 3rd place WIAW


Happy first Wednesday of November! WOW!!  You know Wednesday means…


We live in a great neighborhood with about 80 homeowners. IMO it’s a perfect size being that it’s not too large or small. There are about 20 streets/lots currently undergoing constructions, so are expecting more growth. We know almost everyone in the neighborhood (P is HOA prez so we kinda have to) and hang out a lot during the warm, spring/summer months (lots of pool parties and cookouts). The gatherings taper off once pool season/warm weather ends. Since it’s been a few weeks since we’ve hung out with everyone I organized a chili cook-off this past Saturday night. It was a huge success! While I did not win (I didn’t expect to), I did place 3rd and will share with you my losing recipe.


You’re welcome. The event had some stiff competition and every chili entered was completely different. Two were “traditional” chili (beef, beans, spices, etc) and those were the 1st and 2nd place winners. Some of the other chilis entered included deer sausage, hog meat, and seafood!? Yes, Chili of the Sea! That was a new one to me, but it was great! I had the only chicken chili and Philip fought me hard on entering it. (I modified this recipe.)

I guess I can say that he was right…traditional beef is the way to go if you want to win a chili comp.




And that is why you will not win a comp w/ this chili….it’s UGLY! Appearance was worth 5 points on our ballots…

While I may not have won the chili contest, my pumpkin cake was a huge hit!


Ok, so you know how my mind works…I may have lost this friendly competition, but I am already gearing up to win our next neighborhood get-together. It’s going to be a Gingerbread house competition in December. I’m already sketching out plans… so not kidding.

Gingerbread Village at the Seattle Sheraton

Um, I better scale it back….we do  have an hour time limit!


IDK how/why..


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