A change in routine & scenery


I have been in a MAJOR work rut lately. I was starting to get pretty miserable (read: irritable). Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym job and the people, but I have some longgggggg days. While each day is completely different, my weeks are the exact same. Does that make sense!?


I know, I know. Mega brat alert. I’m so ridiculously blessed that I have no room to be talking whining.

Who doesn’t go through this, though??  I know that ALOT of ya’ll currently are going through complete “blahness” (yes, it’s a condition). Many of my real-life friends have talked about these feelings as well as my blogger friends. The fact is that most of us need some spice in life right now.

This was further revealed to me when I read the following devotion yesterday morning:

“People ought to enjoy every day of their lives no matter how long they live” (Ecclesiastes 11:8 NCV). Families ought to be fun. The home should be a place to play. This is a major fault in many, many homes where couples are good people, but they don’t have enough fun. They’re too busy. They come home with their “to do” list after work is over. All that stuff has got to be done, and they just don’t have time for fun. Don’t be scared to shake up the whole schedule and say “forget the routine; we’re going to have fun”. Do something outrageous. No single day out of routine is going to make or break your life, but a single special event that is crazy and fun will make a memory your family will never forget.”

So, what do I do? Sub out my afternoon gym classes to go into the woods with Philip. Let me add that this was on the coldest day of the fall thus far…


That’s big, people. Really, really big.

It was an afternoon of firsts and I really had fun.  Or maybe I was just so numb that I was confused.  Who knows?!

Philip text me during work telling me he wanted to take me to his hunting land to practice shooting. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why… I have had the same nightmare every.single.night. for two weeks.

Um, no, not this dream!

Um, no, not this dream!

Since he travels so much, those dreams have convinced me that I need to learn how to use some defense weapons (aside from my awesome muscles 😉 ).

Soooo, I layered up (4-layers, no lie) and we drove to the land about an hour away. I quickly realized this was going to be a “work trip” when he stopped to purchase A TON of deer feed. Yeh, he told me I was going to help him put out the corn and set up his game cameras. Um, what!? You mean I may ruin my manicure!? You mean I am going to be walking through the woods in my True Religion jeans and Frye boots? Yes, that’s what he meant. Yes, I am a brat city-girl.

Anyway, I had a really good time. After my shooting lesson ( I never hit the bulls eye on the target, so I am definitely not a threat to a human body…just the “walls of our house” as I was politely informed) we hopped on the 4-wheeler and rode for about an hour and a half setting up the cameras and chasing after herds of deer. I truly enjoyed being with him and watching him in his element. That’s something I’ve never done in the decade we’ve been married.


Uh, yeh, southern people, I’ve never been hunting or really deep in the woods. We are talking deep. Like no cell service deep. Like if he had left me stranded I would still be out there. Frozen, but out there. (Watch us have been just half a mile from some major highway. Typical me and my sense of direction).

Change the hair color and this is totally me...shame...

Change the hair color and this is totally me…shame…

Anyway, this change in routine and scenery was awesome and it gave me the slight mental break I needed. Plus we had fun!!!! It’s some good memories and that’s what life is all about.

So, if you are suffering from extreme monotony then change things up for an afternoon.  Get completely out of your element and embrace the cold some new scenery.


A cold, but beautiful sunset.

And because no post is complete without an Izzy pic…she is showing off her latest climbing discovery. Yes, I have to have a ladder in my closet. Yes, this solidifies the brat/city girl comment from earlier. 😉



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  1. OMG YES!!! I am so happy to see that you got outside and got to clear your head! Doesn’t it seem like life is extra crazy right now? I’m glad a little time out in the wilderness could cure a little bit of the stress.. and you didn’t get lost! Win-win 😉 Hang in there! xo

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