This page is constantly being updated. The following gallery is images of some CAKE orders from the past few years. All cakes vary in price from $30-50 and may be made in any flavor with any decor. Yes, all may be made sugar, fat, lactose or gluten-free!

While cakes are the most popular items, cake pops take a close second and may be made in any flavor with any decor. They are also sugar, fat, or gluten free.  Bar desserts, brownies, cup cakes, cinnamon rolls, sourdough rolls, etc, are common requests. The below gallery shows some of these items.


I do make more than sweets, though.  Main dishes and side dishes are frequently purchased and I’ve catered several wedding and baby showers. The possibilities are endless. Please visit my  Facebook page or Pinterest for more images and prices of some of my recent orders.  I can attempt 😉 to remake any treat into a fat, gluten, and/or sugar-free form.

My custom-made guiltless goodies can also be decorated for any occasion and delivered locally (some ship very well….especially the cake pops!).  Contact me via e-mail, Facebook message, call/text, blog comment, etc to place an order or inquire about a Creation!

(Disclaimer: I am NOT a photographer and typically use my iPhone to take the pictures. I can assure you that the taste is a much higher quality than the photograph)!


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