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Merry Thanksgivoween

Merry Thanksgivoween

Happy Monday! I have 12 anatomy classes left to teach until I’m off for Thanksgiving break….not that I’m counting or anything. 😉


After Thanksgiving week there are only 2 “teaching” weeks, exam week, Xmas break, and then the school year is 1/2 over! Craziness!

Lets discuss how Christmas has overpowered Thanksgiving.  Heck, even Halloween. Basically, Christmas truly starts in July. I feel like this has slowly become a trend over the past few years, but this year it is completely out of hand. Sooooo many houses are decorated for Christmas and I am having a hard time finding Thanksgiving stuff in stores!! Those that do have Thanksgiving stuff already have it marked 50% off. For that, I am thankful! Seriously, most cities have already decorated for Christmas, a majority of stores are playing Christmas music, some radio stations are only playing Christmas music, and every other TV commercial is Christmas related.


Confession….I like it. Half of ya’ll agree (those that have decorated) and half are appalled. Another confession, my house would totally be decorated for Christmas if I wasn’t hosting Thanksgiving dinner! Christmas decorations are 1) beautiful and 2) pricy! They shouldn’t be stored in a closet/attic for 11 months! Speaking of storing Christmas decor…I want a Christmas tree closet in my next house . One where you can simply roll your decorated (artificial) tree into it for easy storage. You will never have to deal with the assembly/disassembly again.  I tried hard to convince Philip to include one in our current house’s plans when we built a few years ago. Yeah, didn’t happen and won’t ever happen.


Anyway, let me share how my Monday started….I set my Keurig to brew a large cup of coffee with no coffee mug set to catch the brewing coffee. Yep, that was a lot of fun to clean up. No, what was fun to clean up were Izzy’s coffee pawprints all over the kitchen floor.


While Monday didn’t start so great, my weekend was excellent. I continued my change in routine & scenery by going “home” this weekend. I have not been to Birmingham since April! April! That’s entirely too long to go without visiting my favorite stores family. 😉 While I don’t have any exciting stories, I do have some not-so-exciting photos to share that I snapped throughout the weekend.

It rained during my entire drive both Friday and Sunday. That rain provided for an awesome rainbow the seemed to circle all of B’ham as I drove into the city Friday afternoon.


God’s artwork.


Double rainbow

Friday night I gave into my weakness… Ok, Saturday night, too.  Thank God there isn’t one of these in MS.


I spent Saturday doing what I do best: using my husband’s credit card shopping.


View from one of my fav malls in the city


Accessories…another weakness of mine


What?! You don’t take pics of yourself in a dressing room? 😉

Two things about this picture…

1) If I am shopping alone I always send pics of the clothes I am considering buying to my mom and friends. I’m so dang indecisive. I believe the message I sent with the text was “Yes, this is pink, buttttt it’s totally different from any of my other ones because”….   Yes, I bought it and now it is at home in my closet with its 50 cousins.

2) My boot socks. AKA boot cuffs/boot candy. Obsessed. OBSESSED. It is “the” accessory of the season and I loveeee them. I already have 5 different pairs and only two are shades of pink. Be impressed. Wait. You can be impressed when I make a pair myself. Yep. I actually can knit and I obtained a pattern for them. Again, I made myself sound really old and boring.

Speaking of old and boring…Saturday night I was flipping through one of my mom’s many magazines on her coffee table and I came across this gingerbread house.


My neighborhood is still planning to do a gingerbread house competition in December. The neighbors are going down now. I’ve got the blueprints of a winner. 😉

Sunday I hit the pavement in the drizzle and did 15 miles throughout the streets of my childhood. I have a route that I love to do and the miles fly by because it’s so reminiscent.


Fall colors


I am so dang sore due to all those awesome hills.

And one last story/pic. My dad and I went to a pet store during my visit and he kindly bought Warrior a new bed. The dog tore all of his stuffing out of his old bed during his horrible puppy years and he’s been basically sleeping on the concrete ever since. Anyway, I put his new bed in his pen last night and he whimpered for 10 minutes. He would NOT  lay on it. As soon as I put his old bed in the pen and he curled up on it and went to sleep immediately.


I sent Dad this pic and he replied, “I feel sorry for him. It is like Tom Hanks getting off the raft in the movie Castaway and not wanting to sleep on a comfy bed. Warrior likes concrete”. Bahahaha. That seriously cracked me up. I will try the new bed with him again tonight.

And just because…..Izzy loves spinach. No, I don’t let her eat any, but she obsesses over it the entire time I eat it. She stole an empty bag of it off the kitchen counter and squeezed herself into the bag. She’s quite entertaining.


So…what are your thoughts on Christmas decor making an appearance a little earlier each year? When is it too early? (I definitely think October is too early).