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Merry Thanksgivoween

Merry Thanksgivoween

Happy Monday! I have 12 anatomy classes left to teach until I’m off for Thanksgiving break….not that I’m counting or anything. ūüėČ


After Thanksgiving week there are only 2 “teaching” weeks, exam week, Xmas break, and then the school year is 1/2 over! Craziness!

Lets discuss how Christmas has overpowered Thanksgiving.  Heck, even Halloween. Basically, Christmas truly starts in July. I feel like this has slowly become a trend over the past few years, but this year it is completely out of hand. Sooooo many houses are decorated for Christmas and I am having a hard time finding Thanksgiving stuff in stores!! Those that do have Thanksgiving stuff already have it marked 50% off. For that, I am thankful! Seriously, most cities have already decorated for Christmas, a majority of stores are playing Christmas music, some radio stations are only playing Christmas music, and every other TV commercial is Christmas related.


Confession….I like it. Half of ya’ll agree (those that have decorated) and half are appalled. Another confession, my house would totally be decorated for Christmas if I wasn’t hosting Thanksgiving dinner! Christmas decorations are 1) beautiful and 2) pricy! They shouldn’t be stored in a closet/attic for 11 months! Speaking of storing Christmas decor…I want a Christmas tree closet in my next house . One where you can simply roll your decorated (artificial) tree into it for easy storage. You will never have to deal with the assembly/disassembly again. ¬†I tried hard to convince Philip to include one in our current house’s plans when we built a few years ago. Yeah, didn’t happen and won’t ever happen.


Anyway, let me share how my Monday started….I set my Keurig to brew a large cup of coffee with no coffee mug set to catch the brewing coffee. Yep, that was a lot of fun to clean up. No, what was fun to clean up were Izzy’s coffee pawprints all over the kitchen floor.


While Monday didn’t start so great, my weekend was excellent. I continued my change in routine & scenery by going “home” this weekend. I have not been to Birmingham since April! April! That’s entirely too long to go without visiting my favorite stores family. ūüėČ While I don’t have any exciting stories, I do have some not-so-exciting photos to share that I snapped throughout the weekend.

It rained during my entire drive both Friday and Sunday. That rain provided for an awesome rainbow the seemed to circle all of B’ham as I drove into the city Friday afternoon.


God’s artwork.


Double rainbow

Friday night I gave into my weakness… Ok, Saturday night, too. ¬†Thank God there isn’t one of these in MS.


I spent Saturday doing what I do best:¬†using my husband’s credit card¬†shopping.


View from one of my fav malls in the city


Accessories…another weakness of mine


What?! You don’t take pics of yourself in a dressing room? ūüėČ

Two things about this picture…

1) If I am shopping alone I always send pics of the clothes I am considering buying to my mom and friends. I’m so dang indecisive. I believe the message I sent with the text was “Yes, this is pink, buttttt it’s totally different from any of my other ones because”…. ¬† Yes, I bought it and now it is at home in my closet with its 50 cousins.

2) My boot socks. AKA boot cuffs/boot candy. Obsessed. OBSESSED. It is “the” accessory of the season and I loveeee them. I already have 5 different pairs and only two are shades of pink. Be impressed. Wait. You can be impressed when I make a pair myself. Yep. I actually can knit and I obtained a pattern for them. Again, I made myself sound really old and boring.

Speaking of old and boring…Saturday night I was flipping through one of my mom’s many magazines on her coffee table and I came across this gingerbread house.


My neighborhood is still planning to do a gingerbread house competition in December. The neighbors are going down now. I’ve got the blueprints of a winner. ūüėČ

Sunday I hit the pavement in the drizzle and did 15 miles throughout the streets of my childhood. I have a route that I love to do and the miles fly by because it’s so reminiscent.


Fall colors


I am so dang sore due to all those awesome hills.

And one last story/pic. My dad and I went to a pet store during my visit and he kindly bought Warrior a new bed. The dog tore all of his stuffing out of his old bed during his horrible puppy years and he’s been basically sleeping on the concrete ever since. Anyway, I put his new bed in his pen last night and he whimpered for 10 minutes. He would NOT ¬†lay on it. As soon as I put his old bed in the pen and he curled up on it and went to sleep immediately.


I sent Dad this pic and he replied, “I feel sorry for him. It is like Tom Hanks getting off the raft in the movie Castaway and not wanting to sleep on a comfy bed. Warrior likes concrete”. Bahahaha. That seriously cracked me up. I will try the new bed with him again tonight.

And just because…..Izzy loves spinach. No, I don’t let her eat any, but she obsesses over it the entire time I eat it. She stole an empty bag of it off the kitchen counter and squeezed herself into the bag. She’s quite entertaining.


So…what are your thoughts on Christmas decor making an appearance a little earlier each year? When is it too early? (I definitely think October is too early).


Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Most of ya’ll don’t know this about me, but I am a stress shopper. Seriously. Some people stress eat, drink, cry, etc. Nope, I shop. Duh, I run, too. Heck, if things are really bad I run to the shopping center. Totally not kidding. I don’t go crazy or buy anything extreme, but it’s a “me time” moment and I always feel better after my shopping trip–even if it’s going to the grocery store. Yes, I’m one of the weird people that like gong to the grocery store…


The last 6 weeks have been really stressful (I’ll elaborate one day), so when my Friday afternoon clients canceled their training session to leave early for a road trip (love you, girls!) I decided to burn off some stress and go “real” clothes shopping. (Workout clothes don’t count as clothes shopping!). I have been hoarding saving gift cards and coupons to some of my fav boutiques since last December! I didn’t use the cards this past spring/summer because most of those clothes sucked. I talked about those crappy fashion trends here. Well, I am happy to say that the current fall/winter fashions are awesome!! Even better…. it’s extremely versatile with and similar to the trends from last year.


I am not a fashionista, but I do love clothes and will show you that latest and greatest.

Ok, no. That’s the crazy fashion week stuff that I firmly doubt any “real” people wear in their daily life. Let’s try this again with a collection of images that I personally love and own. Uh, no, I’m not gonna model my clothes online, so enjoy all the pics I found of my old/new combo of clothes:

As you can see, neutrals with an accent color, layering tank/sweaters, scarves, chevron print, printed leggings, off-the-shoulder dresses, sweater dresses, asymmetrical tops/cardigans/dresses, chunky belts, flashy jewels, large bags, flats, and boots are all the rage! LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Lets discuss boots…riding boots. I have a lot of boots, but I have yet to invest in a pair of riding boots. That’s probably b/c nothing compares to these by Tory Burch I’ve been lusting over for far too long. UGHHH. $500. Can these please magically appear on my doorstep?!


RIP, boots, I will never own ūüė¶

Halfway through my stress reducing session Philip met up with me for lunch/dinner. Yes, because a pic of my fish dinner ¬†totally¬†fits in with my shopping story…


Off topic: I ordered the grilled redfish and veggies because it came topped w/ lump crab meat. Love. Do you see crab meat? Ugh, that’s because I ordered the lunch portion, not the dinner portion. (That difference was NOT mentioned in the menu). There was a $15 price difference b/t those two dishes and I know there would NOT have been $15 worth of crab meat on that fish!! ¬†Rant over…

Anyway, after we ate Philip joined me ¬†in my quest to find a supplementary boot. ¬†I soon learned that riding boots with zippers up the back are becoming the big deal this season. Now it’s story time. Embarrassing story time.


CUTEEE, right? ¬†No. Hell no. Just looking at those boots today makes me both depressed and infuriated. Guess what? Unless your lower leg/calf is the size of your wrist you can’t wear riding boots that zip up the back. Congrats to you bird-legged people that can wear them. I hate you. ¬†Not really, but kinda… ¬†Obviously, I tried these on and they barely zipped up past my ankle!!! ¬†I’m telling you, 2 inches up my dang leg and they got stuck. I decided not to risk ripping my skin open on the zipper, bleeding on the leather, and having to buy them so I reluctantly peeled took them off. It was terrible. I had a dang audience during this process thanks to the little sales girls alerting everyone within a five-mile radius that “someone is about to try on these awesome new boots we got today! Oh yay! Come look at these new, hot boots”. ¬†Philip’s reaction to the situation didn’t help, either.


Neither did his comment, “maybe if you didn’t run so much…”.


I’m now on the hunt for these Chanel riding boots. Online reviews promised that they are runner-calf friendly. No, that’s a lie, but according to the measurements they should fit….


Moving on…here’s the accessory of the season:


Meet the bubble necklace!

It comes in every color and in a variety of sizes. While I did get that color, mine isn’t quite that large.

Fall/winter makeup trends are fairly simple….neutral/low key eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, bushy eyebrows, and wine-stained lips.

FallFashionMakeup2  Fallfashionmakeup

Ehhh, yeh, totally not me. I prefer heavy eyes and light lips. Perhaps that’s just because of my light skin and hair.

Speaking of hair….I think I’m about to make a major change. Yikes. Stay tuned!!!

Isabelle & Weekly Phone Dump

Isabelle & Weekly Phone Dump

Eeeeeee!!!!! Looooookkkkkk!!!!


Meet Izzy!!! Yes, I ate my words and got a kitten.  The workers at our local non-kill shelter convinced us that a kitten would do better with our dogs than one of their adult cats.  Honestly, getting a pet was the last thing I expected to do on Saturday, but it just kinda happened. Once I saw the little fur-ball I was sold and Philip knew there was no chance in us leaving the shelter without her.

Izzy is 8 weeks old and was in a litter of 5 with a really sad story that I will spare you from hearing/reading. The happy news is that she now has a good home with some crazy brothers. She is fearless around the dogs and pops their noses and tails without hesitation. She is FULL of personality and is going to rule this house.

IMG_2713  IMG_2738

We haven’t had a cat toy in our house in years. Warrior ate all of Abby’s toys (jingle balls and fuzzy mice) as a puppy and we never replaced them. She was older and was perfectly happy playing with my ponytail holders. Anyway, this is Izzy’s fav toy….She also loves straws, shoelaces, and Q-tips!


My dad feels sorry for her and is mailing her a goody package! ūüėČ

Ok, are you sick of the cat pics/news?  How about viewing a few of my phone pics from this past week. 


Af and Lac

Yep, the sweet ducks are still living in our pond. They’ve been named and are still chatty and friendly.

Foot pics…..very odd for me…. Here’s a confession regarding my two new pairs of sandals…..I bought both of those 80% off from Zappos in October 2012 and just took them out of their boxes. I do this all the the time—hit up crazy good deals at the end of a season and don’t wear the item until the following season. Yes, I took both of those pics in my classroom and I stood in the green ones all day. Another confession…I had a back-up pair of flats in my purse that day.

IMG_2662 IMG_2665

Anddddd I’m back to the Brooks in regards to running/aerobic shoes. For those that care, these are the Brooks Adrenaline’s 13. I broke them in with a tough double-digit run today and they did well. The Cadence 1’s are still my all-time fav and I am so sad that they are no longer being manufactured. I contacted Brooks and demanded requested that the Cadence 3s mimic the Cadence 1s. No, I don’t think I’m that important…I just take my exercise that seriously. Lets just say that I’m low-man on the totem pole and they really don’t care….


Most of you warned me that Under Armor shoes won’t last and you were right. Enormous holes formed on the inside heels and gave me blisters the size of Texas that prevented me from running for a few days. Not cool. What is cool is UA’s warranty/return policy. I mailed them the shoes and they gave me a 100% refund.


I’ve also made some cute cakes/treats/creations this weekend. Thanks, friends!

And here are two pics that were sent to me that created completely opposite emotions….

I was very happy and grateful when Philip sent me this pic of our new washer.


Laundromat visits are a thing of the past…I hope.


I was sad and jealous of this pic of an amazing spin room. A great friend/gym member sent me this pic of his new gym in Dallas. Those bikes are awesome with their digital cadence/resistance/mileage screens.



Have a great last week of school!!! ¬†I’m sure my next post will have some more Izzy pics! Be excited! ūüėČ