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Out of hibernation

Out of hibernation

Yeh, I’ve basically been gone from this site so long that I almost forgot my login password. I have no excuses, except that


My days were long, repetitive, and I had no motivation to record the events of winter—or the dreaded third nine weeks in teacher talk.


Actually, this past nine weeks really wasn’t too bad.


No really…..I actually have no complaints. Well, I could do without seeing 3 faces daily, but other than that…  😉

Seriously, that job has had a major (positive) turn around in 2014 and for that I am beyond grateful!

Speaking of 2014….


Oh, yes, that is the reason I have been completely MIA since the holidays ended. My schedule has been ridiculous with new classes and new clients. Days that had me teaching 6-8 classes and training 6-8 clients in one day between my hours at school. That is beyond exhausting, boring, and repetitive.


A majority of the days I got home and immediately showered and got in the bed before 9pm. Can we say pitiful? A few days I made myself stay awake to watch this ridiculousness….can I please have those hours of my life back?! Oh, and will someone please slap Nikki and wake her up!?!!?


Yeah, the New Year rush was crazy, but I enjoyed every second of it. New people breath life into a repetitive schedule and challenge me to become a better instructor.  New members also provide the opportunities for new friendships and I am so happy that several have developed!


Now that the New Years craze has passed and spring is upon us I have reduced some of my classes (I’m slowly transitioning away from daily nights/two-a-days) and have significantly reduced my personal training load. A majority of my new clients registered for a New Year special (3-month) and they ALL hit their goals. Seriously, I should do a before/after with a few of my clients! It has been so refreshing to finally work with clients who were serious about their goals and not constantly sabotaging their gym efforts. With that said, I am not training anymore once my current clients’ contacts expire in a couple of weeks–and that’s my choice. It’s been a long time coming/wanting.

I plan to update more frequently, primarily for my own reconciliation of this new, better year. Yeh, I said it before, but I now have the time and motivation!

And just because it’s been a long time since they’ve been viewed by Internet strangers:


I’ll be updating more regularly, so check back soon!