I will be posting some of my cardio workouts on this page! I will share the challenge from my bootcamp class on Saturday March, 16. I used this challenge to share my Big News with some of my favorite people!

We spent the first twenty-five minutes of class doing 30,45, 60 second plyo and cal drills.  I then passed out the top half of the following challenge for us to complete (20 reps of all 10 moves followed by 13 reps of all 10 moves). I then passed out the full paper for the members to read the note at the bottom and to take home with them–whether they burned it or actually did it again we will never know. 😉

Bootcamp “B” Workout       20/13 reps of each….       (bench & dumbbells)

1. Burpees

2. Bench walking push-ups

3. Box jumps with squat landing

4. Bench Renegade Rows

5. Bench Squats (full squat)

6. Bench plank walks

7. Box jumps with 2 lunge step-offs

8. Bench chest fly w/ crunch

9. Bicycle Abs

10. Burpees w/ push-up!



Philip and I are following God’s calling and undergoing the process of domestic, infant adoption. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our precious Baby “B” and encourage you to share our story, as you could be the one that connects us with our birthmother. Please visit https://colleenscreations.wordpress.com/ for more information.

~Philip and Colleen      Matthew 21:22     Jeremiah 29:11


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